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Valus Nohr
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"Do I miss my arm? I miss my Empire. I would give everything to have it back. And I will."
— Valus Nohr[1]

Valus Nohr was a Cabal officer and master tactician who remained loyal to Emperor Calus and followed him into exile after Dominus Ghaul's coup. She eventually became the leader of the Shadows of Calus, the Emperor's most elite warriors.


"What Calus found at the black edge… when he brings it to light, there will be a reckoning unlike anything this galaxy has ever seen."
— Valus Nohr[2]

After Emperor Calus was overthrown by a conspiracy of Cabal officers and politicians led by Dominus Ghaul, Nohr was one of the few officers who remained loyal to the former emperor. Alongside the rest of the Loyalists, Nohr was placed upon The Leviathan with Calus and sent into exile, with the mighty vessel locked on a course for deep space. At the edge of the galaxy, they encountered something that altered Calus' view of the galaxy, and he became determined to gain revenge upon his betrayers and prepare the rest of the galaxy for what he saw. Nohr believed the same as Calus, and thought that when he revealed what he had discovered to the galaxy, a reckoning like no other would occur.[2]

Nohr remained loyal to Calus as they journeyed back to known space and became one of his Shadows, elite agents carrying out his will. Along their way, they encountered several other alien species and demanded that they join Calus' Cabal. One species, the Clipse, refused and fought back. Nohr led an assault of six-thousand Loyalists on their homeworld's moon and military capital, Kaga-Clipse, to subjugate them. After eight weeks of fighting Nohr led a charge from her bastion and ordered missile strikes on the Clipse command centers she had identified during the battles.[3] During the final stages of the war, Nohr lost one of her arms in the fighting, but succeeded in capturing the Clipse's capital city and bringing them under Calus' rule.[1] After the campaign, a Clipse warrior named Rull was recruited into the Shadows after his strike team failed to assassinate Calus and left him as the sole survivor. He and Nohr had a strained relationship due to her role in conquering his people, but she was able to keep him in line.[4] She also developed a contentious relationship with Sekris, a Fallen Baron recruited into the Shadow's ranks whose repeated questioning of Calus' commands infuriated her. She nearly beheaded Sekris for his insolence and only spared him under orders from Calus.[5]

Eventually the Loyalists learned that Ghaul and his Red Legion had targeted the Traveler and its Guardians in the Sol System. Seeing an opportunity to kill his usurper, Calus followed and ordered Nohr to lead the Shadows in an assault on Ghaul's flagship. Although they succeeded in infiltrating the vessel, the Shadows perished one-by-one against overwhelming odds. Nohr slaughtered three-hundred of Ghaul's best warriors with her bladed shield before facing off against the Dominus himself. She was the last Shadow standing, and Ghaul killed her, much to the grief of Calus.[4]

Personality and traits[edit]

"I will miss her, and regret that she did not live to see the coming end. So few of us will."
— Emperor Calus[4]

Nohr was a master strategist who planned many operations and campaigns in service to Calus.[6] After his exile, she became Calus' closest confidant, and he regarded her as one of the last true Cabal.[7]

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