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Cabal Carrier
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The Cabal Carrier is a class of Cabal spacecraft designed for larger transport and fuel barges during wars.[1]


At the start of the Taken War, the Skyburners had at least one carrier stationed around Fleetbase Korus that crashed near the Aerodrome during the Taken's initial assault on Phobos.[2]

A fleet of these carriers were used in Dominus Ghaul's invasion of the Last City. One of these carriers, the Orobas Vectura, was docked at Firebase Hades in the EDZ for the majority of the Red War.


Carriers are several times larger than Cabal warships, and are capable of holding entire Cabal Legions as well as Goliath Tanks. They also serve as fuel tankers for warship flotillas. [1]

They are equipped with ten engines, five to a side, three above, and two below. The Carriers have their own airfields where aircraft take off from and are shielded by specialized shield generators.

Command Carriers, a variant of the Cabal Carrier, serve as a much larger vessel which debuted in Empress Caiatl's Imperial Cabal fleet. Very little is known about them other than being extensively well-equipped Cabal Ships, negating Vanguard aerial operations too close to their vicinity as stated by Amanda Holliday.

The Shadow Legion also made use of a variant of smaller Carriers for the Invasion of Neptune.

Named Carriers[edit]

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  • Standard Carriers
  • Command Carriers


Caiatl's Command Carriers

Shadow Legion Carriers

Red Legion Carriers

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Concept Art



  • A crashed Cabal carrier can be seen in the background of the Aerodrome of Fleetbase Korus. It was presumably brought down by the Taken during their assault on Phobos.[2]
  • In concept art, Carriers are shown to transport Imperial Land Tanks through its main ramp.
    • Due to the massive size of the Imperial Land Tanks, this would be impractical as the ramps of Carriers would be too small for such a large vehicle to enter through.

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