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Dominus is the highest position within the Cabal military hierarchy; only one individual is known to hold the title at a time. The Dominus commands the entirety of the Cabal Empire and its military, and specifically heads the Red Legion. The title was claimed by Ghaul after he refused to take the title of Emperor.

Known Domini

Red Legion


  • Dominus is the Latin word for master or owner. As a title of sovereignty the term under the Roman Republic had all the associations of the Greek Tyrannos. Under the Emperor Diocletian it became an official title of the Roman Emperors. Later it became the term for feudal lords, and also an academic and ecclesiastical one as well; the latter term is rendered as "sir" in English, from the French translation of "Dominus", "sieur" .[1]
  • The rank Dominus is equal(or greater) to that of Emperor.

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