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Drop Pods[1] are a single-use troop transporter that is used by the Cabal of the Red Legion.[2]


Drop pods are troop transports deployed from Red Legion Cabal warships. Apart from making a hard landing, these pods can smash Guardians to death if they happen to be in their way. They disintegrate upon striking their target, releasing the Red Legion soldiers within.

Drop pods are launched through an electrified rail system. The drop pod launcher upon Ghaul's command ship The Immortal is the only place where Amanda Holliday is able to drop The Guardian off in the Story Mission Homecoming. This is because The Immortal's shields do not protect the area of the ship where drop pods are deployed.



  • An early design of the drop pod can be seen in concept art for The Immortal. Known as the Ripper Troop Pod, it was oblong with two rows of "teeth" along a central seam. The pod would split in half along its seam on landing, unlike the final version.

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