Firebase Hades

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Firebase Hades
Firebase Hades 1.jpg


European Dead Zone, Earth

Enemy Factions:

House of Dusk
Red Legion

Connecting Areas:

Excavation Site XII
Legion's Anchor
The Gulch
The Pit
Winding Cove
Pathfinder's Crash

Area Type:


Public Events:

Ether Resupply Glimmer Extraction

Patrol Beacons:



Firebase Hades is a Red Legion base located in the European Dead Zone on Earth.


It is the center of the Legion's operations within the European Dead Zone, and a construction site for weapons of mass destruction. It is a location within the The Arms Dealer strike and is also featured within the story missions, Payback, Unbroken and Larceny.


Lost Sectors[edit]

Public Events[edit]

Glimmer Extraction Ether Resupply



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