Reversing the Polarity

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Reversing the Polarity


Destiny 2


1 - 3


The Gulch, European Dead Zone

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"The Cabal tend to use a single technology to power everything in their arsenal. Take advantage of that design flaw to send them a message."
— In game description

Reversing the Polarity is an Adventure located in The Gulch within the European Dead Zone.


Guardians must work to test a theory proposed by Ikora Rey, through stealing a power core from a crashed Red Legion Goliath Tank and delivering it to a Cabal supply console.

Story details[edit]

  • Test Ikora's theory.
  • Get to the Firebase.
  • Search for Access.
  • Force a Maintenance Window.
  • Expose Power Cores.
  • Transfer Power Core.


{Adventure Activation}

  • Ikora Rey: Guardian, I need you to test a theory. Find a power core in a disabled Red Legion tank, install in a console, and stand back.


The Guardian proceeds to pick up a power core installed within a destroyed Goliath Tank, defending against Red Legion soldiers as they venture to deliver the power core.

  • Ghost: Well, that was as good as advertised.

The Guardian ventures to Firebase Hades, proceeding to search for access into the base.

The Guardian finds access to the Red Legion weapon, moving to expose the weapon's power cores one by one.

After exposing the cores, the Guardian begins to transfer them into the weapon's artillery firing mechanisms, to achieve an overload after the transfers are completed.

  • Ghost: That artillery cannon will be offline for minutes, I mean weeks, I think.

{Adventure Ends}