Red Legion, Black Oil

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Red Legion, Black Oil


Destiny 2


1 - 3


Sunken Isles, European Dead Zone

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"Destroy the dark liquid that the Cabal use to power their technology or contaminate it, for a subtler approach."
— In game description


Sunken Isles
Start Adventure

Sloane: Guardian, listen to this. That black oily stuff that runs through Cabal armor? Apparently, it's got multiple functions. Assuming we can trust this intel.

Asher Mir: Do you not trust facts? Hydrostatic organogel affects gravitational throughput for biped and vehicles. This is objectively true!

Ghost: Wait. That liquid inside Cabal armor... is also ship fuel?

Asher: More skepticism. Shoot them in their ridiculous helmets , analyze the results, and see for yourself.

Collect Organogel Samples
Organogel Samples Collected
[0-5] of 5
Defeat Red Legion in the Sunken Isles with precision damage to collect samples of hydrostatic organogel for analysis
1 of 5
2 of 5
3 of 5
4 of 5
5 of 5

Sloane: Sounded like some solid precision kills from here. But what was that echo we heard on the last two?

Ghost: Local interference. I'm reading a huge cache of that oil stuff inside the Orobas Vectura.

Find the Organogel Caches
Enter Echion Hold and search for more of the Red Legion's fuel supply
The player enters the Orobas Vectura

Sloane: If there is a stockpile inside the ship, then the Cabal are planning something big. You have enough firepower to destroy it all?

Asher: Destroying it is a wasteful opportunity! The chemical make up of the organogel contains pathways for data transmission.

Sloane: Don't listen to Asher. Destroy that stuff Guardian.

Asher: Don't listen to... whoever her name is! The answer is sabotage!

Ghost: So, you're saying that I can... hack their body fuel?

Asher: No! ...well ...yes! Ugh.

Echion Hold
Deal with the Organogel Supply
Either destroy the storage containers full of the Red Legion's fuel supply or contaminate the fuel injection systems


If the player chooses to destroy the fuel pods, named enemies called Resupplier Jern, Machinist Krul, and Overseer Cygar will appear alongside normal Red Legion red bars. They appear to respawn infinitely, since multiple majors can share the same name. It's unknown if this is intended or a developer oversight.