The Hollow, Part I

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The Hollow, Part I
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The Pale Heart, The Traveler


Join Mithrax in a mission to disrupt the operations of House Salvation in the Blooming.

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The Hollow, Part I is an Adventure available in the Lost in Light Quest within Destined Heroes, introduced in the Final Shape expansion. Unlocked after beating Queens, Part I and picking the quest up from Ghost, the Guardian assists Mithrax, Kell of Light in clearing out House Salvation operations within the Blooming.


  • Meet Up With Mithrax
  • Hack House Salvation Systems
  • Defeat House Salvation
  • Defend Ghost
    • Systems hacked
      • X%
  • Restore Ghost's Connection (Dependable)
  • Pursue House Salvation
  • Destroy Shield Generators
    • Generators destroyed
      • X of 2
  • Defeat Korha, the Hollow


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

(Mission Begins)

Ikora: Guardian, we've received a report from Crow that House Salvation are converging on the cradle.

Mithrax: House Salvation is fractured. The devoted here cannot be swayed from the Witness's command.

Ikora: Mithrax, I can hear the Traveler calling out in pain. Whatever House Salvation is doing… it ends now.

The Guardian enters a portal, taking them to Mithrax's location within a cave in the Blooming, defeating the House Salvation forces within.

Mithrax: Guardian, a mobile datacenter lies ahead. It appears to be shield, with a power source near your location.

Mithrax: Dismantle their defences, and I will splice into House Salvation's communications. Together, we will reveal House Salvation's intentions.

On the right side of the cave, the Guardian engages with House Salvation forces. After defeating a Heavy Shank, the Guardian sends out their Ghost to hack into House Salvation's systems, leading them to be ambushed by further enemy forces. Eventually, Ghost succeeds in hacking into House Salvation's systems while the Guardian successfully fends of their forces.

Mithrax: [grumbles] This is not what I expected… House Salvation are trying to tap into the root of paracausal power here.

Ikora: The tree.

Mithrax: According to the data, the tree regulates paracausal energy flowing through it, both Light and Dark.

Ikora: It appears that they're mapping that flow through the Traveler, looking for vulnerable points…

Ghost: I've got a copy of the data. Let's move.

Abandoning the cave, the Guardian arrives outside to the Blooming to discover that the tree's root system is blocked off by a Fallen shield

Ghost: Mithrax, if I've reading this data correctly, it looks like we need to get below the tree… to its root system.

Mithrax: Hmm… House Salvation has erected barriers preventing entry, but their power sources are remote.

Mithrax: This technology… it is a hybrid of Eliksni and Pyramid design. It carries no spirit. Like Scorn craft.

Mithrax: It can be disabled, but the interface is unfamiliar to me. The splice will require time.

To disable the shield, the Guardian navigates towards one of the two shield generators.

Mithrax: These machines operate by harvesting paracausal energy. Some utilize Light, others Darkness.

Ikora: We've seen tech like this before, it's only ever designed to handle one polarity of paracausal energy.

Ikora: Harvest their energy and force it into the machines.

Arriving to the shield generator, the Guardian defeats Taken Captains known as Eaters of Light retrieve Light motes and imbue them with a fount of Darkness to disable the first generator. They then slay Eaters of Darkness to retrieve Dark motes and use them to imbue the Light fount with Darkness, thus disabling the second generator and lowering the barrier underneath the roots.

Mithrax: The barriers are down! Now is our chance!

Returning to the roots underneath the tree, the Guardian confronts the infamous Captain, Korha, the Hollow.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.

Mithrax: I… I-I know this Eliksni. It's not possible.

Ikora: Mithrax?

Mithrax: By your Light, bring them to justice, Guardian!

As the Guardian damages Korha, it raises its immunity shield. With his immunity shield maintained by the shield generators, the Guardian once again defeats Eaters of Light and Darkness to retrieve their motes and empower the founts with their opposite component, thus disabling Korha's Immunity Shield. Due to being in the verge of death, Korha teleports away and retreats from the battle alongside his forces.

Mithrax: Vanished?! Agh! The coward has fled.

Ikora: Mithrax, who was that?

Mithrax: [grumbles] A shadow of my shameful life, stretching out from the past to chase me.

Ikora: Don't let it rattle you.

Ikora: We've restored the tree's energy flow and kept it out of the enemy's hand. But we can't leave an enemy operative unaccounted for.

Mithrax: Agreed. I propose my House Salvation contacts work alongside your agents. We will hunt this foe together.

Mithrax: Eliksni like that Captain have forgotten themselves. After millennia adrift, abandoned, they step within the Great Machine and…

Mithrax: …Choose to despoil this sacred place, in service to the one who caused the Whirlwind. They must be brought to justice.

{End Mission:The Hollow, Part I}


Fallen - House of Salvation