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The Pale Heart, The Traveler


With Zavala facing a crisis of faith, join Caiatl on a mission to restore his hope and destroy a Shadow Legion operation in the Divide.

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Home, Part II is an Adventure available in the Found in the Dark Quest within Destined Heroes, introduced in the Final Shape expansion. After stopping their operations and pushing them back from the Transgression, the Guardian assists Empress Caiatl in stopping Shadow Legion operations within the Divide.


  • Investigate Shadow Legion Activity
  • Disable the Shield Generators
    • X of 2
  • Destroy the Generators
    • X of 2
  • Find the Next Light Harvester
  • Defeat the Shadow Legion


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

Zavala: Our intel suggests that the Shadow Legion have set up their Light harvesting operation in the mountains, using the storm as cover.

Caiatl: We will flush these cowards out of hiding, and trample them beneath our boots.

The Guardian travels across the mountain, using the campfires to protect themselves from the cold. Eventually they arrive to the location of the Light Harvester to assist Caiatl and her forces, with the Shield Generators being located on platforms.

Caiatl: At your side, Guardian! We fight together!

Zavala: Caiatl, withdraw. That area is too dangerous. Let the Guardian handle it!

Caiatl: Or you could join me, Commander!

Slaying the Psion in meditation, the Guardian lowers the shields around the ammunitions. Killing Honored Centurions to retrieve Unstable Power Units and uses them to destroy the Generators, destroying the Light Harvester and dispelling the platforms in the process.

Caiatl: Excellent work, Guardian.

Zavala: Empress, there's no need for this recklessness.

Caiatl: Recklessness requires impulsivity, but I am in full control of this battlefield, Zavala. Without fear. Without hesitation.

Caiatl: As you should be.

Traveling towards the next Light Harvester, the Guardian lowers the shields around the Generators by killing two Psions. They then kill Honored Centurions to retrieve their Unstable Power Units and use them to destroy the Generators, Light Harvester, and cause the platforms to disappear.

Zavala: Caiatl, I'm not afraid of the battlefield because I'm Lightless. I'm not afraid to die.

Caiatl: I know that. Commander Zavala has never feared death. I wished to see life on your face again.

Caiatl: This dour attitude doesn't suit you. I'd rather you be wielding your rage in a shimmering fist.

Zavala: You might get that wish.

Traveling into the cave within the Divide, the Guardian emerges from the cave to arrive at the memory of Zavala's home, alongside Caiatl and her forces, where the Shadow Legion and Dread are harvesting Light, led by a Goliath Tank immune to any damage.

Zavala: Why here? Of all places.

Caiatl: Guardian, that platform must be brought down! Go!

Slaying two Psions on the platforms to lower the shields around the Generators, the Guardian once again receives Unstable Power Units by killing Honored Centurions. Destroying the Generators with the Unuts, the Guardian vanquishes the Goliath Tanks immunity. As they damage the Tank, its Immunity is restored during the battle by two Psions, forcing the Guardian to slay them to make it vulnerable once again. Eventually the Guardian and Caiatl destroy the Goliath Tank, ending the Shadow Legion's Light Harvesting operations within the Pale Heart.

Caiatl: Zavala, this… tiny house… is this-?

Zavala: A memory of a time long past. Of family. Simpler, smaller times.

Caiatl: You dwelled here. Hmm, I see… My homes were palaces, vast and cold. Nothing so inviting as this. Your memory honors them.

Zavala: I failed them-my family-like I failed Targe.

Caiatl: No. Steel your mind against these old wounds.

Caiatl: We are so much more than the scars of our failures, Zavala.

Zavala: Did Eris tell you that?

Caiatl: No, small-man. You did.

Caiatl: They chose to face insurmountable odds, in defense of those they loved.

Caiatl: And when we are finished, we will celebrate them together-in ways that will shame and awe our ancestors.

{End Mission:Home, Part II}


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