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Psionic Potential


Deathly Tremors

harvester with Val Palusk from Adventure Incursion.


Destiny 2


1 - 3

Recommended Power Level:

350 (Heroic)


Glacial Drift,Mars


Stop the Red Legion from stealing supplies

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"Stop the Cabal scavengers"
— In game description

Incursion is an Adventure located in the Glacial Drift, within Hellas Basin of Mars.[1]


Scavenging amidst their retreat at the behest of Ca'our's command, Red Legion forces are deployed to Hellas Basin to scavenge supplies from Rasputin and the BrayTech facility. Ouragos Phalanx reporting to Val Palusk roam the Futurescape carrying communication codes.



  • Investigate Red Legion activity
  • Intercept the Red Legion
  • Release Stolen Energy
    • Batteries destroyed 0/3
  • Collect the Codes 0/4
  • Ambush the Red Legion
    • Explosives in Position 0/3
    • Signaling Cabal 0-100%
  • Defeat the Red Legion


  • Zavala: The Red Legion have taken enough from us. Now they're here on Mars, scavenging the ruins of our Golden Age. Scouts have reported activity in your area. Intercept them and find out what they're up to.
  • Ghost: There's a chart here. It's… a plan of attack on the Bray Facility.
  • Zavala: Get there A.S.A.P. If you hurry, we can catch them in the act.
  • Ghost: The Red Legion have stolen energy from the facility!
  • Zavala: Don't let them go offworld with those batteries. Destroy them at once.
  • Zavala: That puts an end to that, but nothing's stopping the Red Legion from coming back.
  • Ghost: If we can get Cabal communication codes, I can send a signal to the Red Legion.
  • Zavala: Then you ambush them and put an end to their operation. I like where your head's at.
  • Zavala: There's a gulch near you that will be the perfect ambush spot. I've made arrangements for a special surprise.
  • Zavala: Devrim Kay had some leftover explosives that we can put to good use. He sends his regards.
  • Ghost: Why does Devrim have leftover explosives?
  • Ghost: Let's get to high ground before our guests arrive.
  • Ghost: I think we've upset whoever's in charge.
  • Ghost: That should disrupt the Red Legion Legion supply chain for a while.
  • Zavala: Excellent work. We can't bring back those we lost, but we can make sure the Red Legion never has the opportunity to hurt us again.

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