Target: The Rider

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This article is about the Baron Hunt Adventure. For the Baron, see The Rider.
Target: The Rider


Destiny 2


1 - 3


Tangled Shore, The Reef


Stop The Rider, one of the Scorn's eight Barons.

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Target: The Rider is a Baron Hunt Adventure located in the Tangled Shore within The Reef. The Guardian needs to hunt down The Rider, a Pike-riding Scorn Baron.



Ghost: This garage belongs to one of Uldren's barons. Yaviks, the rider.

Ghost: Take the rider's pike for a spin. We won't have to find her, she'll find us. Hmm, it's biometrically calibrated. Let me run a few diagnostics. I can tune it.

(When progress reaches 50%)

Ghost: These pikes have some unusual mods.

(When progress reaches 100%)

Ghost: Almost there. Bear with me.

Next, The Guardian is required to fire the pike's weapons. When the bar reaches 100%:

Ghost: All set. Let's ride. Petra's files say Cayde caught the Rider first time by beating her in a race. There's Prison of Elders security footage of her swearing revenge on him. And… well. You know the rest.

Ghost: These Pikes have a very distinct exhaust signature, and right now it's all over my scanner. The Rider's gang is nearby.

After killing one of the rider's minions:

Ghost: They're talking to the Rider on a secured frequency. We can triangulate her location with a little more data.

After three minions are dead:

Ghost: We're on her. Let's go

The rider appears

Ghost: There she is.

The Guardian kills Yaviks

Ghost: The Rider's racing days are over. Guess Cayde's record is safe.



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