Dark Alliance

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Dark Alliance


Destiny 2


1 - 3

Recommended Light Level:



The Sludge,European Dead Zone

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"Red Legion Psions are meddling with forces best left alone. Investigate their connection to dark forces in the region."
—In game description

Dark Alliance is an Adventure located in the European Dead Zone, within The Dark Forest.

Premise and Enemies[edit]

"Red Legion Psions are meddling with forces best left alone. Investigate their connection to dark forces in the region."

Story Details[edit]

  • Defeat Enhanced Centurions.
  • Disable Centurion Shield.
  • Search the Dark Forest.
  • Find the Psionic Source.
  • End the Taken Crisis.


  • Cayde-6: Yello. Cayde speaking. Oh, hang on, someone left a note here. "EDZ forest. Taken energy, question mark. Red Legion... Brian." ...who's Brian?
  • Ikora Rey: Red Legion Psions. Guardian, we've heard disturbing reports from your area. They tell of Cabal with new powers.
  • Ghost: That Psion... is it shielding that Centurion?
  • Ikora: Shielding? Then they are harnessing the energy of the Taken. But how?
  • Ghost: Red Legion Psions are bad enough. But if they really have Taken powers?
  • Cayde: Since when did Cabal and Taken start sharing toys, anyway?
  • Ikora: We can figure out the connection later. For now, we must uncover the source of this energy.
  • Ghost: No good. Taken energy readings are increasing. I bet it's spreading to Psions all over the area.
  • Ikora: If that's true, it could bring a plague of shadow beyond our imagining.
  • Cayde: Ikora, you're freaking them out.
  • Ghost: Got it! I pulled location data from that Centurion. But we have to go... into the forest.
  • Cayde: You sure about that, buddy? Don't wanna get, you know, eaten by a creepy Taken shadow tree.
  • Ikora: Cayde, what exactly happened to you on Nessus?
  • Cayde: They get eaten yet?
  • Ikora: No, they did not "get eaten yet". But use caution. We don't know what's waiting in that forest.
  • Cayde: My Glimmer's on something big and Taken.
  • Ikora: That may be the safest bet you've made in years.
  • Ghost: That portal connects to the forest. The Psions found a way to force it open!
  • Cayde: Well, it was nice knowing you.
  • Ikora: Cayde.
  • Ghost: Did you see that? He got stunned when we took out his Psion.
  • Ikora: Severing their bond must cause a backlash to the host. Interesting.
  • Cayde: Am I the only one who has no idea what any of you are talking about?
  • Ikora: Yes.
  • Ghost: Okay, there are a lot more Cabal than I was expecting.
  • Cayde: Well, they may not like you trespassing in their secret magic fort.
  • Ghost: Big Taken. Taken Cabal! Big... Taken Cabal!
  • Ikora: A Colossus. Of course. You must destroy it.
  • Ghost: Working on it!
  • Ghost: Whew! We did it. They're all gone.
  • Cayde: Well that'll set the Legion back a ways. Serves 'em right for messing with things they don't understand.
  • Ikora: Which is your area of expertise, after all. As for you, Guardian: well done. If that brute had gotten loose with the Psions, there may have been no stopping it.
  • Cayde: And then I couldn't have collected on that bet! Big and Taken. Told you.


  • The Psions are learned how to use Taken energy to power up their troops with an unbreakable shield around them.