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Home, Part I


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The Pale Heart, The Traveler


As Zavala struggles with the loss of his Light, join Caiatl on a mission to crush the Shadow Legion.

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Home, Part I is an Adventure available in the Found in the Dark Quest within Destined Heroes, introduced in the Final Shape expansion. Unlocked after beating Queens, Part I and picking the quest up from Ghost, the Guardian assists Empress Caiatl in thwarting Shadow Legion operations within the Transgression.


  • Find the Psion Sentinel
  • Defeat the Psion Sentinel
  • Disrupt Shadow Legion Operations
  • Find an Artillery Antenna
  • Plant the Artillery Antenna
  • Push further and locate the Light Harvester
  • Disable the Shield Generator
    • X of 2
  • Defeat the Artillery Commander


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

Zavala: Guardian, Shadow Legion is on the move.

Zavala: Crow reports that they're transporting heavy equipment across the Pale Heart, but we don't know to what end.

Caiatl: Your mettle is needed, Guardian. Find my father’s traitor legion and leave them in ruin.

Traveling through the storm, the Guardian eventually arrives at a Pyramidal structure.

Caiatl: Tales of your tenacity never match seeing your battle prowess first hand. It is why my Legions watch your Crucible.

Caiatl: But at this time, I am reminded of stories of not only Guardians, but the Lightless, rallying in defense of their homes in the face of insurmountable odds.

Caiatl: To strike down an invasion. To free the Traveler. To break the Witness.

Within the structure, the Guardian kills a Psion, lowering the barrier and beginning their search for the next Psion.

Caiatl: This terrain… like a wasteland flattened by battle. I see the cratered ruin of my homeworld in this place.

Caiatl: When the Hive invaded, Xivu Arath's steps imprinted into the streets of every city across Torabatl.

Caiatl: But even against the coming armageddon, we persevere. My armada rose from those flames. As did our Coalition.

The Guardian enters into another structure and slays the Psion within.

Zavala: The Guardian has the task well in hand. You can finish without me.

Caiatl: I would hear your counsel. Stay. Revel in the destruction of your enemies. Your voice pairs well against the gunfire.

Zavala: I… [chuckles] My voice? I'm not in the mood to entertain, Empress.

Caiatl: When you call Osiris from his studies, or Eris, Ikora, the Guardian, even myself. We all attend these operations, despite our mood.

Zavala: You're trying to strong-arm me.

Caiatl: I'm succeeding.

Entering back into the storm, the Guardian engages with Shadow Legion and Dread forces positioned at two Generators. Killing Attendants known as Artillery Officers, the Guardian retrieves their Antennas and plants them on the Generators, resulting in their destruction. The Guardian then pushes forward, discovering the Shadow Legion have planted a Light Harvester.

Ghost: The Shadow Legion have set up… an extractor. They're trying to harvest the Light from the Traveler.

Zavala: You've got this.

Caiatl: [growls in frustration]

Killing a Psion in meditation, the Guardian lowers the shield around the Generators.

Caiatl: You've broken the shield!

Caiatl: Now, destroy it!

Retrieving Antennas from killing Artillery Officers, the Guardian places them on the Generators, destroying them in the process and bringing forth further Shadow Legion forces, led by the Artillery Commander. Shortly after engaging with the Commander, Caiatl and her forces arrive to the Guardian's aid.

Caiatl: Guardian! You will not fight alone!

Caiatl: I will not stand aside and watch as my father's poisonous legacy defiles this place!

Caiatl: I will fight to my last breath!

As the Guardian and their allies damage the Artillery Commander, it eventually raises its Immunity Shield. Defeating Bound Omens summoned forth by the Commander, the Guardian lowers the Artillery Commander and vanquishes it, ending the Shadow Legion's operations within the Transgression.

Caiatl: May they burn forever in fires of their own making.

Zavala: We're not done yet. Crow's intercepted Shadow Legion chatter to and from this outfit. This is a widespread operation.

Caiatl: Then we will find them all and break them one by one, together.

Zavala: Empress, you should take the lead on this.

Caiatl: No.

Caiatl: You are Vanguard Commander. You will lead, and all of Sol will follow.

{End Mission:Home, Part I}


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