Bound Omen

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Bound Omen
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Biographical information


The Dread


Subjugator (Omen)



Combat information


StasisS.png Subjugator Glaive


StasisS.png Crystalline Quatrain
StasisS.png Crystal Shatter
StasisS.png Shatterstorm
KineticS.png Melee
Enlightened Rage
SolarS.png Resonant Harrier
Rapid Movement
Prismatic Custom Colour.svg Prismatic Protection


Bound Omens are a Major variant of Subjugators, specifically the Omen variant. They act almost identical to regular Omens, with the only difference being that they are bounded with Prismatic protection.


Bound Omens are encountered multiple times throughout The Final Shape's storyline and the Pale Heart itself, usually accompanied by weaker enemies. They play similarly to their regular counterparts, with the only difference being a Prismatic Protection trait that blocks all incoming damage dealt by the player. The only way to break this protection is to enter Transcendence, which can either be done by killing enemies with Light or Darkness-aligned damage, applying Light or Darkness-aligned buff or debuffs, standing in Prismatic Wells or shooting at Bounded enemies themselves if a player's Transcendence bars aren’t filled. Once this protection has been broken, it cannot be regenerated by the Omen, making them permanently vulnerable until they are killed.