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A Frame Job


Destiny 2


1 - 3

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Trostland, European Dead Zone

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"Travel deep into enemy territory, ambush the Red Legion, and trick them into retaliating against the Fallen."
— In-game description [1]

A Frame Job is an Adventure in Destiny 2 located in the European Dead Zone on Earth, and is unlocked after completion of the mission Combustion. A Frame Job is the last activity unlocked in the EDZ until after the completion of the Titan, Nessus and Io campaign arcs and the Guardian's return to Earth.

During the course of A Frame Job, the the Guardian, aided by Hawthorne and Devrim Kay embark on a mission to instigate conflict between the Red Legion and the Fallen to keep them busy during the Guardian's absence. [2]


  • Access Fallen Terminal
  • Scan the Explosives
  • Ambush the Red Legion



Start Adventure

Devrim Kay: Ah, thanks for checking in, you two! We've had our fill of Red Legion patrols and Fallen raids. We could use a spot of help with both.

Suraya Hawthorne: See if you can track down a Fallen comms terminal. Dev's got an idea that's crazy enough to work.

Devrim: Ah, it's difficult for the young to recognize the wisdom of experience.

Access Fallen Terminal
Find a Fallen communications network terminal somewhere in the area
The player locates a terminal in one of the buildings near the church.
Access Fallen Network

Devrim: Excellent. What say you use your access to prepare a broadcast in Fallen-speak? I've been meaning to put this Cabal communications cipher to use.

Ghost: The Red Legion fighting the Fallen for a change? Great idea! I can extract archived audio transmissions from any Fallen in the area.

Record Fallen Vocal Fragments
Fragments Collected
[0-6] of 6
Defeat Fallen enemies in the area so Ghost can collect audio samples of their language.
1 of 6
2 of 6
3 of 6
4 of 6
5 of 6
6 of 6

Ghost: I've got enough for a pretty convincing Fallen impression.

Hawthorne: Don't mention accents around Dev unless you want a day-long lecture about City dialects. Meantime, best sightline to Red Legion air support is the cliffside where you and I set up that refugee beacon.

Devrim: No one appreciates the finer things anymore.

Find an Ambush Site
Descend through the salt mines to access the perfect location for the ambush.
The player enters the Salt Mines

Ghost: I can't believe we have to go back into the mines again.

Devrim: Chin up, you two! Good news: you'll be able to use a Fallen teleporter to reach the top! Ehh... bad news, they've wired the place to explode. So...

Ghost: If I run a deep scan of the tunnels, we can borrow all these traps and explosives.

Devrim: And put them to good use sowing chaos between your enemies. A lovely idea.

Scan the Explosives
Perform a deep scan of the subterranean salt mines to identify Fallen traps and explosives for transmat
The player clears the Fallen and prepares the bombs for transmat.

Ghost: Got it. Now I can transmat these horribly dangerous explosives wherever we need.

Get to the Cliffs
Use the Fallen teleporter to quickly travel to the cliffs high above the salt mines.
The player steps into the teleporter and arrives on the cliff above the mines, overlooking the Red Legion base
Prepare the Ambush
Transmat the Fallen traps and explosives from the scanned area of the salt mines to the cliffside
The player engages the small number of Fallen on the cliff, and plants the explosives.

Ghost: Great work. Broadcasting the message now. [I decided to go with a House of Devils accent. Remember them? {Veterans} | I decided to go with a Marauder accent. {New player accounts}]

Hawthorne: [Oh boy. {Veterans} | Why would you... {New player accounts}]

Devrim: [Ah, House of Devils, eh? You know the most interesting thing about their pronunciation? {Veterans} | Marauder, eh? You know the thing that really lights my candle about their language? {New player accounts}]

Ghost: Actually, Devrim, let's keep the channel clear. You know. To, uh, make sure there's no interference during the transmat.

Hawthorne: Lot of big red ships headed your way. Whatever you said, it got their attention.

Ghost: [I used a pretty nasty word to describe Ghaul. I don't want to repeat it here. {Before completing the campaign} | I told them that Ghaul ran away and cried when we retook the City. Big, ugly crying. {After completing the campaign}]

Devrim: Ah, I do so love unconventional warfare. I'd be on the lookout for drop pods, if I were you.

Ambush the Red Legion
Eliminate the Red Legion troops on the cliffside, and pin the blame on the Fallen
Cabal forces arrive and commence battle with the player. As they advance along the cliff, most of them will walk through the trip mines, causing a chain of explosions that will wipe out most of each wave, as the explosives are replaced by Ghost.
Investigator Tosusk arrives, leading the first wave of Cabal. Tosuk is killed.
Investigator Prurg arrives, leading the second wave of Cabal. Prurg is killed.
Drusk, the Crushing Fist arrives, leading the third and final wave of Cabal. Drusk is killed, and the last of the Cabal are defeated.

Devrim: I could hear the explosions all the way back here. I bet it was quite a show!

Hawthorne: Which means the Fallen and Red Legion heard it, too. We'll let them shoot at each other for a while, and clean up whatever's left. Great work.


Fallen - House of Dusk
Cabal - Red Legion



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