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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Tracer Shank
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House of Wolves
House of Devils
Devil Splicers
House of Dusk




A Frame Job

Combat information


Wire Rifle (common)


High Durability
Rapid Flight

"Seems like the Fallen have an endless supply of these floating death-machines. No matter. Anything they spit out, we'll toss right back."
— WANTED: Tracer Shank[1]

Tracer Shanks are a unique model of Shank belonging to the Fallen.[1] In place of a standard Shank's weaponry, Tracer Shanks have a built-in Wire Rifle, allowing them to snipe hostiles from long range as effectively as any Vandal.

During the Wolf Rebellion a group of Tracer Shanks were located in The Breach of the Cosmodrome Wall. They were subsequently destroyed by Guardians on orders of the Queen's Wrath, Petra Venj.[2]

During the Red War, Tracer Shanks were used by the House of Dusk.


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