Phogoth, the Untamed

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Phogoth, the Untamed
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Hive Abomination




Spawn of Crota







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The Summoning Pits


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Void Eye Blast
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Summon Hive


"But how many more Hive abominations are still out there? Growing among the Darkness? I fear we may find out all too soon."
Ikora Rey

Phogoth, the Untamed was a massive Hive Ogre imprisoned within the Summoning Pits deep within the Hellmouth on the Moon, held in its chamber by great chains.[1]


Raised by the Wizard Mormu, Xol Spawn of the Hidden Swarm,[2] Phogoth is described to be a product of one of the Hive's more depraved workings: a ritual of rebirth where, unlike most Ogres — who are driven by ravenous hunger, and unbridled, nigh-uncontrollable hatred — Phogoth's hatred and hunger is honed and directed with purpose.[3] According to Eris Morn, Phogoth's purpose is purely destruction, a reminder of the threat the Hidden Swarm poses.[4] However, Phogoth was eliminated when a Guardian strike team descended into the Summoning Pits to put an end to the Ogre and the threat that it posed.[5]

Years after his death at the hands of the Guardians, Phogoth was recreated as a Nightmare by the Lunar Pyramid, which appeared in the Summoning Pits where the abomination had once been contained.[6]


Phogoth is the final boss of The Summoning Pits Strike mission. When encountered by Guardians, Phogoth breaks free from its chains and attacks, using both his brutal strength and Eye Blast to overwhelm his enemies caught in his gaze.[7] Unlike most Ogres, Phogoth's weak spot is the pulsating tumor on his chest. This weak spot can be difficult to hit when Phogoth is hunched over.



  • Phogoth somewhat resembles both Marathon's Drinniol and its spiritual successor, Halo's Sharquoi.
  • Phogoth is the second biggest Hive enemy, second only to Oryx, the Taken King.
  • Phogoth was renamed "Hive Abomination" as of Patch 2.4.0.
    • However the name Phogoth would stay as this beast's canon name as his Nightmare would retain the name Phogoth.
  • Phogoth's name is reminiscent of the shoggoth from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, along with the Greek word "Phobos" ("fear").

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