The Summoning Pits (location)

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This article is about a location on the Moon. For the Strike taking place there, see The Summoning Pits.
The Summoning Pits (location)
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Ocean of Storms, Moon

Enemy factions:

Hidden Swarm

Connecting areas:

Circle of Bones

Area type:


Public Events:


Patrol beacons:



The Summoning Pits is a Hive ritual ground located deep within the Hellmouth. Here Phogoth, the Untamed is chained to the floor until a team of Guardians challenges him in a strike following the orders of Ikora Rey. Later the Guardian battles there his Nightmare during the Nightmare Hunt of Fear. When not running the Nightmare Hunt, a lone Overload Minotaur can be found in the Summoning Pits, which can be easily killed to gain a low-level chest with subpar loot, usually Rare equipment.

In the back of the chamber, on the upper platform, the remains of Guren, Ghost of Toland, the Shattered can be found.

Full view of the chamber.

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