Ocean of Storms

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Ocean of Storms
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Hostile Races:



Complete The Dark Beyond

Landing Zones:

Archer's Line

Yet I fear the crystal and jade mansions
are much too high and cold for me.
Dancing with my moonlit shadow,
It does not seem like the human world.[1]

The Ocean of Storms is a location on the Moon.[2]

It was here that the Guardians of the Last City first battled Crota and his spawn. The Consensus believed they were strong enough to reclaim the moon but underestimated Crota and his power. It was said that Crota's power cracked the moon and "lit the sky green with fire". The battle became a massacre has thousands of Guardians fell—even the legendary Titan, Wei Ning, was personally killed by Crota. A mass retreat was called and the Vanguard decreed the Moon off-limits.[3] Some years later the disastrous attempt to reclaim the moon would be called The Great Disaster.

Ever since the Last City abandoned the Moon, it became the Hive's base of operations in the Solar System. Now Hive temples breach the surface, entrances into the vast necropolis below.[4][1] Chief among them is the Hellmouth, which borders the Anchor of Light and Archer's Line, and the Temple of Crota.


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