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Ocean of Storms, The Moon

Connecting areas:

Archer's Line
Anchor of Light

Area type:

Public Sector


The Sanctuary is a landing zone on Earth's Moon. Functionally similar to The Lighthouse on Mercury, it is a designated social space with no patrol missions, enemies, or public events to speak of. Eris Morn serves as the vendor for the area at this location.



Located in the Ocean of Storms, the Sanctuary is situated between Archer's Line and Anchor of Light. Throughout the duration of the Shadowkeep story and onward, it serves as a base of operations and staging area for Guardians looking to combat the Hive and their recently constructed Scarlet Keep, the Nightmares brought on by the Pyramid that resides below the lunar surface, and the recently reemerging Vex. The area itself appears to be built over top of a pair of Golden Age bunkers once used by explorers and astronauts from the same era. Both structures are covered, to some degree, in lunar soil and rock. In the distance, one can spot the wreck of Wolfship Kaliks-Syn, once commanded by the late Taniks, The Scarred. The Scarlet Keep also looms far in the distance.

Eris is the only sentient resident of the Sanctuary, located on the top of the hill opposite of the landing pad. A group of Vanguard combat frames line the perimeter, watching for approaching threats. Additionally, a few non-combatant frames are present to perform menial roles such as logistics and maintenance.

Points of interest[edit]

  • The Lectern of Enchantment is located next to Eris' work space.
  • An outdoor common area is located on a lower platform adjacent to the landing pad.
  • Inside the bunker underneath the landing pad is a mural dedicated to the Jade Rabbit. Rabbit astronaut figurines will accumulate here as players discover and offer them gifts of rice cakes.
  • Next to the top-most bunker is a tent-like structure overseen by a frame where players can place a banner flag.


  • Purchase specific bounties from the Lectern of Enchantment and Eris Morn. Nightmare Hunt-related tasks from the former, and destination-related tasks from the latter.
  • Spend phantasmal fragments and cores found during Nightmare Hunts at the Lectern of Enchantment to acquire armour and weaponry from essences looted from Nightmares.
  • Place a banner flag for fellow Guardians to rally at, preparing them for the fight ahead.
  • Indulge in a new mini-game and puzzle.


The console that starts the Tire Game. Costs 5000 glimmer to start.
  • The Tire Game
    • Objective: A ski ball-like game where players must push a tire down a ramp made from a quintet of pipes in order to launch it into a series of craters below. To begin this game, interact with the terminal at the top of the pipes, to the right of the landing pad.
  • Ball Puzzle
    • Objective: The Guardian can summon a purple ball by resetting various terminals around the Sanctuary. Terminals that can be reset will have a bright orange display, and will do so one at a time as they are interacted with.


  • Joining the likes of the Tower's courtyard, hangar, and annex, the player's jumpship will arrive and linger for a short period of time before taking off again.


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