Scarlet Keep

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This article is about the location on the Moon. For the Strike, see The Scarlet Keep.
Scarlet Keep
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Enemy Factions:

Hidden Swarm

Connecting Areas:

Sorrow's Harbor
Tower of Woe

Area Type:



The Scarlet Keep is a massive Hive fortress recently established on the Moon. Its construction was overseen by Hashladûn, Daughter of Crota, who designed it to harness the energy of the Pyramid buried in the chasm beneath.


The Scarlet Keep's central tower, the Tower of Woe, acts as an amplifier for Hive magic.

The Keep appears to be gradually overtaking other nearby Hive structures, as patches of red, spined architecture can be seen within the Hellmouth, The World's Grave, the Temple of Crota and even the Shrine of Oryx.