Ritual of Sacrifice

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Urn of Sacrifice



Ritual of Sacrifice
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The Dark Below expansion


1 - 3


Hellmouth, Moon

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Ritual of Sacrifice is a Quest in The Dark Below that takes place on the Moon.[1]



All dialogue is spoken through the Ghost's comms.

{loading screen}

  • Eris Morn: Soon, the Hive will sacrifice the Forsaken as a plea to Oryx. Deny them this offering. Find the Forsaken, and bring me the eyes.


  • Eris: Make your way to The World's Grave. Lure out the Forsaken. And don't forget—I need the eyes.

The Guardian travels deep into the Hive breeding grounds under the surface of the Moon, eventually reaching The World's Grave. Upon entering the Chamber of Night, the Urn of Sacrifice sits on a pedestal, where a piece of the Traveler was found earlier.The Guardian approaches the Urn cautiously. When the Urn is touched, an ear-splitting screech is heard as four Vestiges of Crota surround it in defense. Additionally, three Blades of Crota sit in front of the Urn itself.

The Embers of the Lesser cry for vengeance

Several dozen Thrall and Cursed Thrall attack from multiple entrances, signifying the first stage of the Urn of Sacrifice. The Guardian kills them all, either with their own weapons, or with one of the Blades of Crota. More Vestiges fall to the floor, covering the ritual space.

The Sullen Hearts call to the Darkness

A large crowd of Acolytes appear, firing on the Guardian. They eventually kill the Hive soldiers representing the second step of the quest. Even more Vestiges appear across the battlefield.

Their jagged blades will avenge the Hated

About a Dozen Cleaver and Boomer Knights appear. As the Guardian continues fighting, the entire floor seems to glow; only a few small spaces are not cursed by a Vestige.

The Sullen Hearts crack and scream

More Acolytes return, this time accompanied by Wizards, their poison clouds hindering the Guardian even further. However, they finally manage to kill them all. Finally, two Forsaken Ogre's, Malgor and Thogar, appear on opposite sides of the chamber. They attack the Guardian simultaneously. The Guardian successfully kills the two Ogres, and the room is finally still. The Vestiges remain, carpeting the chamber floor.

  • Eris: (coldly) Don't forget; bring me the eyes.

Mission ends.


Hive - Hidden Swarm and Spawn of Crota


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