Siege of the Warmind

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"Find Rasputin's bunker. Defend it against the Hive attack."
— In game description


Fist of Crota


The Wakening

Siege of the Warmind
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The Dark Below expansion


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Cosmodrome, Earth

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Siege of the Warmind is the second story mission in The Dark Below and takes place in Old Russia.[1]


  • Find the Warmind
  • Examine the Warmind
  • Exterminate the Hive


{Loading Screen}

  • Eris: Crota's armies are seeking out the last Warmind. You must stop them from finding Rasputin. Rasputin is the last of the Warminds. They were the greatest defense systems ever devised, a massive network of satellites and doomsday weapons built to protect humanity. Crota's army gathers near one of the Warmind's hidden bunkers. We cannot let the Hive destroy Rasputin... or worse... control him.


The Guardian spawns in the Mothyards

  • Eris: There's a secret entrance to the Warmind's bunker beneath the Forgotten Shore. Stop the Hive from reaching Rasputin.

The Guardian enters the canyon leading to the Forgotten Shore.

  • Eris: Rasputin remains silent, but still fights to protect us. We cannot let Crota's army find a way around the Warmind's defenses, or Crota's disciples will flood the Earth.

The Guardian reaches the Forgotten Shore and heads toward the old communications where one of Rasputin's relays are located. The Guardian descends the stairs inside, and when entering Bunker RAS-2, sad orchestral music begins to echo throughout the room.

  • Eris: That music....? Rasputin's in trouble.

The large triangle doors are lifted open, and the Guardian enters Rasputin's bunker.

  • Eris: I've never known him to welcome visitors. Find the control room.

The Guardian continues deeper into Rasputin's bunker before stepping out into the Seraphim Vault, finding a Hive force to the left.

  • Eris (horrified awe): The Hive! They found a way inside... Don't let them reach Rasputin!

The Guardian fights through Knights, Acolytes, and many Thrall. Once reaching the end of the corridor, the Guardian finds two doors leading into the control room. The doors are open, and the Guardian enters the control room, with Rasputin in the middle of it. When doing so, the doors are sealed shut.

  • Eris: Find the controls. Make sure the Hive haven't destroyed Rasputin.

The Guardian approaches the control panel on the far side of the room. Everything seems normal for a while, but then all screens turn red with a loud noise. Old Russian symphony music begins to play in quick tones over the speakers.

  • Eris: Something's wrong!

Omnigul appears above the control panels, summoning a horde of Thrall in front of her.

  • Eris (horrified): Omnigul! Silence her screams!

After the Guardian defeats the Thrall, Omnigul flees, and teleports into the room outside of the main chamber, visible through a window. Omnigul then starts to summon more Hive forces. The Guardian battles and kills these forces, and finally, Omnigul summons a powerful Ogre, the Might of Crota. After a long battle, the Guardian defeats the Might of Crota, and the room brightens up and the music fades out. Machines begin to turn on and whir back to life.

  • Eris: Well done, Guardian. Rasputin is safe, but Crota's army is more powerful than I thought. We cannot rest. Now is the time to stop them from waking Crota's soul.

{Mission Ends}


Hive - Spawn of Crota



  • When summoning a Vestige, the Watchers of Crota are referred as Wakers of Crota.[2]


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