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03:28, Wednesday, 19 September 2018 (UTC)
Biographical information




April 10, year 2638


Not dead yet!






1,90 m (6.2 ft)

Hair color:


Eye color:





Elite Guardian



Notable info:

Leader of the Slap Squad fireteam
Possesses experience equal to three Warlocks
The only friend of Sakrix, the Illuminated Mind


Greetings, Guardians! I am a Titan whose favorite thing to do is to battle space pirates and save humanity. Well, I kind of have to, you know. But when I'm not doing that, I'm hanging out with my pal Sakrix (yes, he's a Vex - so what?) and research about the wonderful universe we live in. The Taken and the Vex are especially interesting, although I like writing about anything that fascinates me. I have collected some of my homemade Grimoire Cards down below, take a look!

Grimoire Cards

Ghost Fragment: Vex 6

Grimoire GF Vex 1-2.jpg

Tuesday, February 11, 2654

From the Records of the Ishtar Collective

So you wanted me here. Is it about Subject 12?

Kind of. We've made an astonishing discovery about the Underworld.

What about it?

Subject 12 has started to react on certain words, like "glass", "maze" and "big". We don't know why, though. We've been digging deeper into its mind, and...

[Indistinct background sound]


It is confirmed. The specimen confirmed it. The Underworld isn't just an Underworld. It's something bigger.

Get to the point. I have limited time here.

Okay. So according to the reports I got from Sundaresh, it said that the Underworld is an anchor in this universe. It connects to an indeterminate amount of other universes, other realities.

It "said"?

Well, I don't know. Vex specimens doesn't have vocal cords. The team were very brief about those seconds of communication. It maybe wrote, on a screen or something?

But what about the "Anchor"? What does it mean to them?

I'd guess it's the hub of their universes. It, together with its inhabitants, has the ability to create, to destroy, to erase, and it's definitely linked to every Vex in some way. That's what we th-

[Loud unidentified sound]

[Silence: 0:43]

What- what's going on?

I don't know. Something in the struture must have broken. Get to the exit!

[Loud bang - scream of pain]

No! Get out of here! Get to the Academy! Tell them-

[Silence: 2:36]

Dormant SIVA: Chamber 4.0

Dormant SIVA Iron Lords 2.1.jpg

She stood on her knees in front of the simple coffin, deep inside the mountain. One thought echoed through her head over and over again: It's back.

She never talked about her mother, and preferred not to. No one knew what her mother actually worked with. No one knew her biggest secret, that she was related with that... that worthless, shitty family. Scumbags, all of them. It was their fault, this situation she were in.

For a long time, she believed that all of them were dead and was happy with it. Then that... girl appeared on Mars. Talking about her family's old "invention" and how it was messing around with the Hive. With their DNA.

That was when she quitted. She took her jumpship and went away, unsure where to go. She needed support, but only two people could give it to her.

One was dead.

The other one didn't have time for her. He was constantly gone, battling enemies and saving humanity. He was an impossible dream in the middle of a nightmare.

She finally made a decision. Staring at her mother's coffin, the fact sank into her.

Their old nemesis was back.

~consume enhance replicate~


Dormant SIVA: Chamber 4.1

Dormant SIVA Iron Lords 2.3.jpg

She could hear it.

Mostly normal sounds reached her, like two pipes clanking together or steam soothing. But sometimes she heard it, those whispers that wasn't really whispers.

~consume enhance replicate~

Three words, over and over again. Carried out by an inhuman voice. A non-living voice, belonging to a non-living thing, doing living stuff.

If she would have to listen to it a little longer, she feared that she would go mad.

The environment around her was also dangerous. The mere presence of the terrible thing made the air sting against her skin.

The words reached her ears again, and she grappled the coffin to avoid falling.

~consume enhance replicate~

The coffin was open. She held one hand around its edge, panicked. The other hand had some wrinkled papers in it. Papers that revealed her biggest fear.

Her mother didn't die because of a lack of food out in the wild. Her death wasn't caused by Dregs or wolves or anything.

The papers told it all.

Her mother was killed.

By him. The relative to the girl on Mars. The one responsible for the non-living creature surrounding her. She had become a burden and needed to die.

That was it. How the cause of her death ended up in her mother's coffin wasn't relevant. She grabbed the shotgun from the coffin, put it on her back and started to climb upwards, out of the cursed cave. She now had one goal. To find the girl and put a load of 12 Gauge in her, for what her relative had done. A quote from one of her friends, the one who got his memories back from the shard in the EDZ, suddenly popped up in her head. A forgotten quote, from a forgotten movie, in a forgotten age.

Yippi-kay-yay, motherfucker.


Sakrix, the Illuminated Mind

""Your definition of good and bad is... interesting. A bit unusual. Where I am from, merely perfection is allowed. And anything that does not fit in the twisted reality of the Oracles, anything that they see as a messed up code... gets eliminated."
—Sakrix, The Illuminated Mind

Monday, February 17, year 2729

Excerpts from a private conversation of Sakrix, the Illuminated Mind

Sakrix, the Illuminated Mind
Biographical information


Vault of Glass








14,9 ft

Eye color:


Political and military information


The Last City



Notable info:

The only Vex that currently supports the Light
The specimen interrogated and examined by the Ishtar Collective


Being a Vex supporting the Last City is not always so easy. You always get these looks, like, oh, there's a murderous, lifeless robot whose "family" (if that's an appropriate appellation on my former fellows) lives for hunting and killing Guardians for fun. I should shoot that monster before anything happens.

And maybe that is true. Maybe my race is made up of mindless war-machines, mercilessly controlled and forced into battle by stronger units. Like me.

In your language, I would be called a Minotaur. I have abilities that humanity could only dream about. I can simulate a thousand outcomes in every siuation every second, so I always know when something is coming. I can take control over a million weaker troops simultaneously and turn them against each other. The Vanguard agrees on that I give them some kind of advantage on the battlefield, but they don't like me. No one does, not in that way. Well, except you. And Cayde, but Cayde likes everything that he can joke about, and everything that can give him an excuse to leave the Tower. But he isn't always very positive either. They try to hide it, but I can anticipate it.
Oh well. I have a... task that I need to take care of. I will give you further inputs as soon as possible. Now go. You have Taken in the EDZ to take care of.

Thursday, February 20, year 2729

Excerpts from a private conversation of Sakrix, the Illuminated Mind

You should not be hanging around here. You will get in trouble with those constant visits. What can possibly draw your attention here? Curiosity, you say? God, I'll have to speak to Ikora and tell her not to promote curiosity in her students. Oh well. Come on in.

[Silence: 0:38]

So you want to know more about me, about how I ended up here, in the Last City. Let us start with this, then: how did I become aware of who I am? It happened quite a while ago, during your Golden Age.

I got captured outside the Vault of Glass. At this time, my faction was spread all along the Sol System and we could be anywhere and nowhere, anytime. My goal was to act as a commander and lead my army to victory. As opposed to the common belief among your people, some Vex Axis Minds possess feelings. How? It's... complicated. Anyways, outside the Vault... The Ishtar Collective managed to catch me. They transported me to one of their labs on Earth. I was analyzed and interrogated for a very long time, with humans digging into my core while I repeatedly simulated and prevised possible outcomes.

The research team reacted to this and began studying me more intensively. Someẃhere during the time between the discovery of my simulations and the... accident with the lab structure, they destroyed something inside of me. Something in my core, something that freed me from the slavery of the bigger Vex units. Even though I can think on my own, they have control over me, you understand? Now all of a sudden I had an own will.

From that day, I have been roaming the land. I've met and conversated with many strange things, all across the Earth until I appeared in the Mothyards, weakened because of a lack of.. what do you call it? Radiolarian fluid? Right. We are very dependent of it, as our cores can't work correctly without them. Today, I'm gathering the fluid from other hostile Vex units on the battlefield, which secures my survival and keeps my systems intact. Anyways, back to the Mothyards. As I said, I was very weak. And believe it or not: Lord Shaxx found me and brought me to the Tower. Yes, I am dead serious. No, it is not an april fool. I do not know why, though.

So when he brought me to the Tower, Zavala wanted to shoot me outright. He thought Shaxx was out of his mind. Most people did, and things hasn't changed very much. I bet he is still very angry about having me here.

And that is my story. You should leave now, the sun is setting. Go out to the Reef, maybe. I heard that the prison is open again.

"Sakrix? The Vex? No, i haven't seen it in a while. I think Zavala sent it to Venus for further investigation about the Vault. Yes, I'm referring to it as it, because I don't trust Vex. You shouldn't do it either."
—Ikora Rey