Kabr, the Legionless

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Kabr, the Legionless
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Last survivor of his team in the Vault of Glass
Created the The Aegis

"I have destroyed myself to do this. They have taken my Ghost. They are in my blood and brain. But now there is hope. [...] Now it is done. If I speak again, I am not Kabr"
— Kabr[1]

Kabr, the Legionless was a Titan who became obsessed with the Vault of Glass.[2] He went into the vault with a team of Guardians, including the Warlock Praedyth, and the legendary Hunter Pahanin, but they found themselves unable to get past the Templar and its oracles. Kabr crafted for himself a set of armor from the bodies of fallen Vex, which began to affect his mind and gradually assimilate his body.[3] Before the end, Kabr's last words were recorded by Pahanin, who described Kabr as "a good man." It appears that everyone from his fireteam, except for Praedyth and Pahanin, was erased from existence by the Oracles, and that not even Kabr himself could identify who his teammates were; he explains, "No one can open the vault alone. I opened the vault. There was no one with me but I was not alone."[4] In the end, when his team was lost and his Ghost was taken from him, Kabr was determined to not die in vain by forging his light into The Aegis, a shield of incredible power that could change fate itself and defeat the enemies of the Vault.[5]


The following quotes come from the descriptions of Kabr's armor, Battlecage of Kabr, Kabr's Brazen Grips, Kabr's Wrath, and Kabr's Forceful Greaves:

  • Kabr fought the Vex alone. But somehow they didn't kill him.
  • He consumed their technology like fire, fashioning armor from their remnants.
  • In the aftermath, he became obsessed with the machines.
  • He was claimed by the Vault. His armor and myth are all that remain.


  • "Kabr", or "Qabr", means "tomb" in Arabic.[6]

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