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"Your missions: protect the City. Look better than Warlocks. But don't look like you're trying."
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Owner of Super Good Advice


Pahanin was a Hunter who was connected to the Vault of Glass, and creator of the exotic machine gun Super Good Advice. Pahanin's friend, Kabr, the Legionless, died alone during an attempted raid on the Vault of Glass,[1] and so Pahanin became afraid of being alone. He created Super Good Advice, an intelligent weapon, to keep himself company in the wild.[2] He was eventually killed by the renegade Guardian Dredgen Yor.[3] He is credited with a number of memorable sayings and observations which have been collected into a volume known as the "Pahanin Errata".


  • Several quotes from the Pahanin Errata indicate that Pahanin had a strong affection for cephalopods.

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