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Survivor of The Great Disaster

"Again I will confess. I am Eriana-3, of the Praxic Fire, and I know my flame goes out down here. I will burn bright and hot and raze a thousand Hive to ash as I go, but I know we will not end him – The one who fell you, and hundreds more, with that foul blade."

Eriana-3 was an Exo Warlock who fought in The Great Disaster, and was the leader of the Fireteam that sought to assassinate Crota, Son of Oryx.


A disciple of the Praxic Warlocks, Eriana was one of the Guardians who fought in an engagement against the Hive which became known as "the Great Disaster," as per its negative outcome. During the battle, Eriana took a Hive Wizard prisoner, torturing it with Light. She learned of the name, Crota, and saw through the Wizard's mind as the creature killed her comrade, Wei Ning. She sought how to kill Crota from the Wizard, and was telepathically shown images of Crota's realm and the Oversoul, but her Ghost informed her that Crota was operating on the Mare Imbrium front, carving his way through the Guardians. As Eriana pressed for the means to kill Crota, the Wizard mocked her, showing how it had tortured an Awoken in the exact same way Eriana was interrogating it, claiming they were the same, before dying. Eirana ordered the Wizard's body be incinerated and their Sparrows be summoned.[1]

After the Disaster, Eriana devoted herself to Crota's destruction. She worked together with Eris Morn, in order to solve Crota's apparent immortality. Without a ready solution, they sought out knowledge from forbidden Hive arcana, in the form of Toland, the Shattered. Toland described the method in which they could defeat their foe. To this end, she asked her fellow Guardians, Omar Agah, Sai Mota, and Vell Tarlowe to aid her and Eris in their quest to defeat Crota. She left behind a message should she fail. Such was the outcome,[2] as in her last moments, Eriana apologized to Wei for her foolishness, getting her friends killed in the name of revenge, then fought the Hive with the last of her Light until she fell.[3]

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