Memory of Vell Tarlowe

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"Vell Tarlowe was one of the strongest Titans I've ever known. A member of the Pilgrim Guard, but even his Light was smothered by the waves of Thrall that rush beneath the surface of the Moon. He underestimated them... and he paid the price."
— Eris [1]

The Memory of Vell Tarlowe is a quest introduced during Shadowkeep following the completion of its main storyline. It is part of the Luna's Calling questline involving Eris Morn and the memories of her fireteam haunting her as Nightmares.


"Eris and Eriana said the Blades rose first and slaughtered our brothers and sisters. If the one who leads their charge is within reach, I mean to end him – to end them all."
— Vell Tarlowe

In the first step, the player is required to:

  • Complete the current active replayable story mission on the Moon.

In the second step, they need to:

  • Collect 25 fragments of Vell Tarlowe's Titan mark by defeating powerful combatants in Nightmare Hunts of Adept difficulty or higher. Defeating Nightmares grants the most progress.

Once completed, the player is tasked with using the portal in Sanctuary to meet up with Eris Morn. Following a short cutscene involving Eris Morn and Vell Tarlowe's nightmare, hand over the mark, allowing Eris Morn to make peace with Vell Tarlowe's nightmare and ridding the Nightmare from her.



The player walks through the Hive portal on Sanctuary and meets up with Eris. The Nightmare of Vell Tarlowe falls over backwards and drags himself onto his feet. As he is limping away, a giant Hive axe appears behind Vell, and swings onto him as he turns around, killing and pinning his body to the ground.

  • Eris Morn: "No. No, Vell, not again..."

Eris Morn falls onto her knees as she relives Vell's death in front of her eyes all over again.

The player hands over Vell Tarlowe's reforged Titan Mark to Eris.

  • Ghost: "Eris, we found Vell Tarlowe's mark."

Eris grabs the mark and rises to her feet.

  • Eris Morn: "I can't believe it. Vell..."
  • Eris Morn: "He forged a link for every life he rescued."
  • Eris Morn: "One of these... is for me."

Eris turns to look at Vell's Nightmare as it disappears.

  • Eris Morn: "Thank you for bringing this back."

Pressing the Interact button on Eris Morn.

  • Eris Morn: "I did not want to ask Vell to join our fireteam – I knew he would say yes."
  • Eris Morn: "But he found out... and volunteered."

Pressing the Interact button on Eris Morn again.

  • Eris Morn: "As a Pilgrim Guard, Vell had experience leading refugees through enemy territory. Fighting only the battles he had to fight."
  • Eris Morn: "He was subtle... for a Titan."
  • Eris Morn: "Perhaps too subtle, when it mattered."


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