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Vell Tarlowe
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Survivor of the Great Disaster
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"I am the line. Evil will go no farther than this."
— Vell Tarlowe[1]

Vell Tarlowe was a Titan who was renowned for his strength, stalwart courage, and unflinching bravery. He joined Eris Morn's ill-fated Fireteam during their attempt to assassinate Crota in the aftermath of the Great Disaster.


Titan of the Pilgrim Guard[edit]

"I just had the best. Day. Of. My. Life. Get ready for this…"
— Vell, following the skirmish at Caer Lerion

When Vell was still a new Guardian, he became a member of the Pilgrim Guard, a Titan Order tasked with escorting refugees to The Last City.[2] He forged his Titan Mark out of small chains, with each chain signifying a life he saved. During his time with the Guard he encountered the Hunter Eris Morn and saved her life, after which he added a chain to his Mark and became friends with Eris.[3]

Vell assisted Jagi's Host when the fireteam launched an assault upon the ruins of Caer Lerion, where a Warlord had established a base. As the battle turned against the Guardians, Vell leapt from high ground and dropped into the former orbital city to deliver a devastating blow to the Warlord. Thanks to his assault, Jagi and his team were able to incapacitate and capture the Warlord for transport back to the Last City. Vell excitedly filed a report of the encounter with the Titan Vanguard Saint-14, declaring that it had been the best day of his life.[4]

Hunt for Crota[edit]

"Eris and Eriana said the Blades rose first and slaughtered our brothers and sisters. If the one who leads their charge is within reach, I mean to end him—to end them all."
— Vell Tarlowe, swearing to end Sardon and the Swarm Princes

Following the Vanguard's failed attempt to drive the Hive from the Moon in The Great Disaster, Vell learned that Eris, Eriana-3, and Toland, the Shattered were putting together a small fireteam to aid them in slaying the Hive God Prince Crota, who slaughtered hundreds of Guardians during the Great Disaster, alongside the Hunters Omar Agah and Sai Mota.[5] Vell tracked them down and volunteered to join the team to avenge those Crota and his Knights slaughtered.[3] Before they departed for the Moon, Vell was questioned by Omar about the plan, noting it seemed unlikely that Crota would be weaker in a throne room of his own creation. Vell placed his faith in Toland's knowledge of such matters, but Omar dismissed the Warlock as a madman and wondered why they trusted what he was claiming. Attempting to reassure the Hunter, Vell revealed that he did not trust Toland but had faith in the team and their abilities and that he did not need to trust Toland in order to use his knowledge as a weapon against the Hive.[6]

When they arrived on the Moon, Vell and the others questioned Toland about the Hive champions they would be facing. As the group discussed the Blades of Crota, Vell stated that they sounded like more than regular Knights. Eriana said they looked the same, but Vell claimed that would be like calling her a tin can and that they were more than what they appeared. Toland agreed with Vell and called the Blades world-carvers. The group then discussed the thousands of Guardians the Blades and other Hive champions were responsible for killing, and Omar wondered if they were truly prepared for what they would face. Vell told him that he was prepared, and was interested in Eriana's suggestion that they might turn the Blades own swords against them and believed they would lucky to do so.[7]

As Toland told them about Sardon, Fist of Crota, Vell questioned if he was one of the Swarm Princes. The mad Warlock claimed he was their lord and master, and Vell believed that facing this Hive general sounded like his kind of fight. Omar asked what was not his kind of fight, and Vell shot back that Eris and Eriana had told him of how the Swarm Princes had slaughtered their fellow Guardians, and that he was determined to end their leader if he could. Eris reminded him they were there to kill Crota, but Toland stated that all of the Hive Prince's lieutenants were extensions of him. Vell declared that settled the matter, and told the rest of the team that he had faith in his Light and theirs to succeed in their mission, but Eris and Eriana told him their mission was about vengeance and not faith. Vell stated that victory was all that mattered and that they had to do everything they could to end the Hive's terror. Toland reassured him that he was sure that Sardon would welcome Vell's challenge, and that he could lead the charge when they fought the Hive general.[8]

During the assault, Vell stood fast against hordes of Thrall spawned by the Wizard Verok and Alak-Hul, the Darkblade.[9] He underestimated the Thrall and their ability to smother his Light, which allowed Verok and her spawn to swarm and overwhelm him.[10] As he scrambled and attempted to fight to safety through the Thrall, Vell was knocked to the ground and Alak-Hul delivered the killing blow to the Titan by impaling him upon his axe, making Vell the first casualty of the mission to assassinate Crota.[3] His Ghost Razor attempted to revive him, but the Thrall consumed all that remained of Vell's Light. Razor attempted to flee and warn the others, but eventually was also killed.[6]

Personality and traits[edit]

The fireteam's mementos the Guardian finds for Eris, including Vell's mark.

"He was subtle... for a Titan. Perhaps too subtle when it mattered."
— Eris Morn describing Vell

Vell was more subtle than many of his fellow Titans due to his experience at leading refugees through enemy territory and only fighting when necessary. Eris speculated that he may have been too subtle at times, which may have led to his death.[3] Despite this penchant for subtlety, Vell did occasionally show the Titan's typical enthusiastic attitude towards overt displays of extreme physical violence.[4]

Vell wore a chain mail mark and forged a link for every life he rescued - one of them being for Eris herself.[3]

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