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Jagi is a Titan Guardian of The Last City who commanded their own unit of Guardians.


During the early City Age, Jagi led their host on a march to the Caspian Sea. During their mission, they engaged in a fight in which something happened that corrupted their Ghosts, which then returned to The Last City without them and frightened the Speaker. Jagi and their host eventually returned to the Last City and conflicting stories about what happened to them emerged.[1]

Jagi and their host were later provided intelligence by Hunter Vanguard Aparajita-4 that a surviving Warlord was inhabiting the ruins of Caer Lerion. Taking their unit to investigate, Jagi reached the crashed Golden Age space station and discovered the report was accurate. Engaging the Warlord, Jagi's Host was cut down by the Warlord, who used his superior vantage point and familiarity with the terrain to combat them. Jagi prepared to order a withdrawal, but then noticed what they believed to be a Warsat falling from the sky. It was actually the Titan Vell Tarlowe, who crashed into the Warlord and incapacitated them. With Vell's help, they secured the Warlord for transport to the Last City. Jagi then filed a report to Vanguard Commander Saint-14 about the battle, noting that the Ghosts of their host had another increase in resurrection time and that he had asked Vell to file his own report on the encounter.[2]

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