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Sai Mota
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"My knives are eager for another dance."
— Sai Mota[1]

Sai Mota was a Hunter who was among the Fireteam Eriana-3 and Eris Morn led against Crota.


"Toland, stop recording this. Fine, fine. Whatever. A toast, then! To the best damned fireteam I've ever worked with. We may not be the smartest. And we may not be the bravest. But we are the dumbest! To victory!"
— Sai Mota

In the aftermath of The Great Disaster, Sai Mota was approached by Eris Morn and Eriana-3 to join them in their mission to kill the Hive god Crota in the tunnels beneath the surface of the moon, in which she accepted. They were joined by Toland, the Shattered, Omar Agah, and Vell Tarlowe.[2] On the night before the Fireteam went into the Hellmouth, Sai proposed a toast to the group, calling them the best and dumbest team she had worked ever worked with.[3]

After the Fireteam infiltrated the Hive warrens, they encountered heavy resistance. They heard screams throughout the tunnel, which Toland claimed signified the birth of new spawn born in the name of Crota. He identified the screams as coming from Omnigul, and Sai began to question how he knew that before deciding she did not want the answer.[4] Eventually, the group was split up, with Eriana-3 and Sai in one group, and Toland, Omar and Eris in the other. Sai and Eriana pursued the Hand of Crota, but their Ghosts were damaged and their Light was fading. With their communications with the others and Earth cut off, they decided to continue their assault, despite the Hand falling back to a tunnel from which they could hear Omnigul screaming. Sai remarked that her knives were ready to kill more Hive, and Eriana told her she always said the right things.[1] They failed to killed the Hand, and Sai attempted to flee, losing her knives in the process. She was close to escaping the Hive, using torn Acolyte bones as replacements for her daggers, before Omnigul ultimately killed her,[5] although Sai died bravely and laughed at Omnigul as she died.[6]

When Omnigul was eventually killed by The Guardian, Eris Morn hoped that Sai Mota's Light would finally be at rest.[7]

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