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"Now my Light is fading. But if there's a chance to revive her, I won't leave her. I won't…"
— Yuka

Yuka was the Ghost of Sai Mota, one of three Hunters who were part of the First Crota Fireteam.


Yuka descended into the Hellmouth along with her Guardian and five others. After Vell Tarlowe's death and some time spent fighting in the tunnels, the fireteam became separated, with Sai and Eriana-3 in one group and Omar Agah, Eris Morn and Toland, the Shattered in the other. When attempting to track the others, Eriana's Ghost Jax said something was siphoning her Light, and she could feel Yuka suffering the same affliction. Moreover, by this time Yuka's shell had been damaged beyond repair.[1] The Guardians decided to track the Hand of Crota but failed, and Sai was forced to search for a way to escape. She fought her way through the Hive with bones torn from Acolytes, but she was eventually found by Omnigul, Will of Crota,[2] whose wormrot clinging to Sai's bones rendered Yuka's powers useless on her. The Ghost refused to leave her Guardian's side in case there was any chance she could yet resurrect her,[3] but she eventually met her fate in The World's Grave.[4]

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