Star-Crossed Suit

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Star-Crossed Suit


Star-Crossed Suit





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Eververse Trading Company


Tess Everis


Star-Crossed Suit is a Legendary Titan armor set that can be acquired from Eververse Trading Company. It was later made available as a universal ornament for all Titan legendary armors.

Star-Crossed Helm[edit]

"I said 'use your head!' and then she… well, I think you get it."

Star-Crossed Fists[edit]

"Told my new recruits about your fisticuffs in Meridian Bay. One of 'em didn't believe me. Wanna give him a talking to?"
Holborn to Wei Ning

Star-Crossed Heart[edit]

"It's you."
— Wei Ning to Eriana-3

Star-Crossed Footsteps[edit]

"When I'm lost I think, what would Wei Ning do? And she always has an answer for me."
Callisto Yin

Star-Crossed Mark[edit]

"You don't even have to ask. I'd follow you to the end of the galaxy."
— Wei Ning


C'mon, let's get back out there. Those Fallen aren't gonna punch themselves.

"In a minute. I, um… I wanted to show you something."

"Oh. What's in the bag?"

"Only one way to find out, isn't there? Open it."

"… A new mark?"


"A new mark that… huh. This looks familiar. Eriana, are you re-gifting?"

"It's cut from my old robes."


"I thought… Well. I thought your old one looked a little ragged."

"It's very soft."

"It's not that soft. I thought your old one looked a little ragged, and this would be a good way to, uh…"

"Dress me up?"


"Just kidding. Go on."


"What is it?"

"Wei. Will you join my fireteam?"

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