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"Well, any servant of the Light is welcome among us. We are Holborn's Host, and I'm Holborn. The City's hand on Mars."
— Holborn

Holborn is a Titan Guardian who commanded Holborn's Host. He and his men were the Vanguard's top unit on Mars, where they searched for signs of a surviving Warmind and investigated the Cabal.


"The best defense is a good offense. We are both shield and sword"
— Holborn[1]

Holborn and his Host participated in the Battle of the Twilight Gap, which ended in a major victory for the Last City against the Fallen.[2]

Sometime after Twilight Gap, Holborn and the Host were on Mars searching for traces of a Warmind at the Dust Palace. While Lyssa and Bayle scouted ahead, Holborn, Tubach, and Tibon sorted their equipment and prepared to join them. They spotted a solitary Ghost flying by, and Holborn attempted to speak to it and invite it along on their mission. The Ghost ignored them, and Holborn noted that it did not look well. After a brief discussion about the Ghost, they received a messaged from Lyssa that the Dust Palace was quiet and prepared to move out.[2]

Holborn and his unit later worked with Lord Shaxx's Redjacks and discovered the existence of Fleetbase Korus on Phobos, which was the largest orbital Cabal defense base in the system. Holborn reported that while Firebase Thuria was clear, Korus could prove to be a far bigger problem.[3]

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