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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Holborn's Host is a military expeditionary force of the City conducting operations on Mars, and is led by the Titan Holborn.


Holborn, a veteran of the Twilight Gap, acting as the City's Hand on Mars, was sent to Mars to conduct expeditionary military and scouting actions, as well as search for and recover Golden Age technology, particularly computers [1]. The Host under his command, has been engaged in scouring the half-buried city of Freehold, particularly the Dust Palace, for traces of the Warmind of Mars and the unknown entity which guards it (possibly Rasputin after the Interplanetary Array was reactivated[2][3]).

The Host, in association with a Redjack fireteam and Lord Shaxx have also conducted espionage against Cabal fortifications on the Martian moon Phobos, gathering intelligence on the now decommissioned Firebase Thuria (codenamed “Black Shield”), and the Cabal Skyburners' Fleetbase Korus.

Known Members[edit]


  • Members of the Host while conducting operations in the vicinity of the Dust Palace, Freehold, were aware of the events of Jagi's Host's apparent disappearance, as evidenced by their reaction to a silent Ghost wandering nearby.[4] There is a further, unrelated incident, where another damaged Ghost met Cassiopeia and Obsidian underneath the Blind Watch, a Clovis Bray facility.[5]
Jagi's Host disappeared near the Cosmodrome, site of the SIVA Replication Complex[6] and the Battle of Site-6, with their damaged Ghosts ("near silent, buzzing with some sort of corruption") the only survivors.[4] The Ghost encountered by Holborn's men and the Ghost encountered by Cassiopeia and Obsidian were also affected by something, though the latter was able to fight it off. The connecting link between all three incidents could be tied to SIVA.
  • Holborn and Tubach reference using Agema armor on Mars and previously in the Battle of the Twilight Gap. The Agema armor series is a derivative of the Gatewatch pattern, and “incorporates the lessons of too many bloody stands.”[7] Agema, also known as Hyspaspists, is an ancient Greek military term referring to elite infantry armed with a shield and spear, and charged with protecting the immediate flanks of the devastating but largely immobile Phalanx at the core of Greek military formations. Agema could also act as guards for other high value targets, including acting as royal bodyguards.

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