The Buried City (mission)

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"Clear out the Cabal occupying the lost city of Freehold and explore what remains. "
— In game description


The Garden's Spire


A Rising Tide

The Buried City
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1 - 3


The Buried City, Mars

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The Buried City is a story mission that takes place on Mars.[1]


  • Get to the Buried City
  • Locate Cabal Signal
  • Tab Cabal Feed
  • Enter the Skyscraper
  • Ascend the Skyscraper
  • Find the Overwatch
  • Track the recon team
  • Expel the Cabal
  • Secure the Ancient Machine


{Loading Screen}

  • Ghost: Seems like the Cryptarchs are really curious about this region of Mars:
  • Master Rahool: For years, the Cryptarchs have been waiting to break through the Exclusion Zone and find what's left in that buried city. They say Freehold birthed technological wonders. We cannot let the Cabal destroy it.


  • Ghost: The Cabal could have leveled that entire city. If they haven't brought it down yet, they must've found something valuable. We should track them—see what they're after.

The Guardian mounts their Sparrow and makes their way into The Hollows.

  • Ghost: I'll scan for Cabal transmissions... (pauses) I've got something! Inside Building 5!

The Guardian enters the building and ascends to the second floor, killing Cabal along the way. They reach a server and send the Ghost to investigate.

  • Ghost: Looks like the Cabal have a recon team stationed at the top of the other skyscraper here. They must have found something interesting. Let's check it out.

The Guardian jumps through an open window, out to the neighboring building.

  • Ghost: Clovis Bray: A center for scientific advancement... interplanetary defense... AI development, research on the Traveler... this place could be a gold mine.

The Guardian climbs the towering skyscraper, encountering Cabal and Vex battling each other. The Guardian either ignores them or eliminates the threats. They eventually reach the top floor of the abandoned building. They discover a terminal, surrounded by Phalanxes, Legionaries and Psions. The Guardian kills them all. Another squad of Cabal enter through another door, led by Bracus Tha'aurn, a Major Centurion. The Guardian wipes them out, clearing the area.

  • Ghost: This machine—it's still active!

The Guardian sends the Ghost to inspect the terminal. A lit core rises from the center, and extends upwards.

  • Ghost: This A.I. once connected to the Warmind of Mars.

The mission ends as Rasputin's unintelligible mumbling can be weakly heard.

  • Ghost: Rasputin's controlling it. I can't get in, and neither could the Cabal. He's everywhere now.

{Mission ends}



  • Goblin
  • Hobgoblin
  • Minotaur
  • Harpy


  • Legionary
  • Phalanx
  • Psion
  • Centurion
    • Bracus Tha'aurn


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