Ishtar Collective (mission)

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"Unravel the secrets of the Vex by reviving an ancient research station of the Ishtar Collective."
— In game description


A Stranger's Call


The Archive

Ishtar Collective
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Ishtar Collective is a story mission that takes place on Venus.[1]


  • Head up the coast
  • Find the research site
  • Eliminate the Fallen
  • Analyze mind core
  • Hold off the Vex
  • Return to Ghost


{Loading Screen}

  • Ghost: I wish you'd check with me before making insane promises. If we want to take down a Gate Lord, we've got to find out how these machines operate. Let's find the biggest one we can, pull out its brain, and see what we can learn about them.


  • Ghost: Okay, there is a big Vex signature just up the coast. Let's kill it—whatever it is—and bring its mind core to one of the old Academy research labs.

The Guardian heads through the Shattered Coast and reaches a Vex Cyclops.

  • Ghost: Up ahead. A ridiculously large Vex emission. Sounds like what we're looking for.

The Guardian destroys the Cyclops and picks up its mind core.

  • Ghost: Fascinating! Let's head for that research station.

The Guardian heads in the direction of the research station.

  • Ghost: Their mind cores are actually biological. Not relative to any known life forms recorded. Maybe the Collective's research can tell us more.

As the Guardian moves on:

  • Ghost: These ruins predate humanity by a few billion years. Vex are coursing through them.

As the Guardian nears Campus 9:

  • Ghost: The research station.

The Guardian reaches Campus 9 and kills all nearby Fallen enemies.

  • Ghost: Nice work. There's got to be a central terminal around here... found one. Let's see if I can get it to work.

The Guardian deploys the Ghost to scan a terminal in the research lab.

  • Ghost: It's revivable. I'll see what they discovered here. Vex! They're coming!

A wave of Vex enemies appears. The Guardian kills them.

  • Ghost: The Vex share one mind across a million units. That's why they react so fast!

A second wave of Vex enemies appear and the Guardian kills them.

  • Ghost: Amazing. They can warp across star systems in an instant. I'm almost done.

A third wave of Vex enemies appear. The Guardian kills them and then returns to the Ghost.

  • Ghost: I know how to find a Gate Lord! Each Vex is part of a giant network that spreads through the mantle of the entire planet. If I can just get into their system, we can draw a Gate Lord out.

{Mission ends}



  • Shank
  • Dreg
  • Vandal


  • Goblin
  • Hobgoblin
  • Harpy
  • Minotaur
    • Corrective Mind


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