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Shank Turret (common)
Shock Rifle (rare)
Repeater Turret (Repeater)
Wire Rifle (Tracer)


Solar Shield (Epic)
Explosion (Exploder)

"Death flies on tarnished wings."
Grimoire description

Shanks are small flying robotic drones used by the Fallen.[1]


Shanks are small floating drones employed by the Fallen as scouts, fire support, or to serve as a distraction. They are propelled by a pair of vertical jet engines which allow them to both fly and hover in the air. Standard shanks are only equipped with a weak, rapid-fire, Arc-based weapon, and are rather fragile, in that they can be destroyed in only a few shots.[2] Although, during Nightfall Strikes and certain Public Events, Shanks can have a Solar shield, making them more difficult to dispatch. Individually, they are little more than a nuisance, but they are often found in swarms, or as part of a larger group of Fallen, which makes them considerably more dangerous. They can also be spawned during battles with Fallen Walkers.[3]

In addition to the standard Shanks, some Fallen Houses also employ different varieties which possess different characteristics. For example, the House of Wolves utilize Repeater Shanks, which act as fire support, Exploder Shanks, which act as a kamikaze unit, and Tracer Shanks, which act as snipers.

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  • Barring Dregs, Servitors and Harpies, Shanks are the only enemy type to not get a Taken version.
  • Sekris, Baron of Shanks given his unique title might be the creator of Shanks.
  • The word "Shank" is a term used for a homemade knife made out of scrap of metal or glass found anywhere and sharpened like a knife.
  • An infamous Shank known by the community as "Hank the Shank" is a glitched Shank appearing in the original Destiny. It stands in the ranks of Rahndel the Vandal and Greg the Dreg.


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