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Basic information
Real name

Austin Vaughan






May 7th


None, currently.

Places I've lived



Current High School Freshman.

Xbox gamertag
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Personal information

Four Words. The Star Wars Prequels.


I grew up watching Law & Order, instead of watching kids shows, primarily due to the fact that my mother is a retired lawyer. Now, I mostly repeatedly binge watch One Punch Man and The Clone Wars.


Chillwave, Classic Rock.

(Also the Destiny OST)


Harry Potter (#4), The Inheritance Cycle (#1), Percy Jackson (#3), and the Grimoire Anthology, Vol. 1, Dark Mirror (#2).

Video games

Seriously, Video Games is a criteria? What do you think I play? (Hint: It's the only game I play.)


I... Don't read magazines.


Carbohydrates and Red Meat is pretty much all I eat. Somehow I'm a f**cking twig.


Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper, and also Dr. Pepper.

Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

The first time I ever played Destiny. My friend wanted to test me, and set me up on the Fist of Crota mission. In short, I crushed it.

Worst Destiny moment

The current burnout at max Light.

Anything else

I've been playing Destiny since TTK. Back in Years 2 and 3, I haunted the Crucible on Xbox. If you came across a Nightstalker with Bones of Eao, Zhalo, and a full auto Matador, that was me.


D1: I was the class pet for RNJesus. God rolls left and right; it was a paradise. I got all the exotics I wanted, except for SUROS Regime, Necrochasm, Last Word, First Curse, Dark-Drinker-- wait that's a really long list.

D2: In Y1, RNG hated me for the most part. No exotics, no coveted weapons, nothing. Ever since Forsaken, it's started to warm up to me again. My PvP jewel is my Dust Rock with Rifled Barrel, Accurized Rounds, Threat Detector, and Full Auto. My PvE jewel is my Blast Furnace with 100 Range, Quickdraw, and Kill Clip, with 4000+ kills and climbing.

So yeah, that's my Destiny Career.

Drifter's Crew.

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