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Weapon Foundry


Chiyoko Mey[1]

Notable information:

  • Most likely established before the Collapse

"All these lives on the line, and Daito wants more Glimmer. What goes through their heads down there?"

Daito is a weapon foundry of the City. Daito weapons usually follow a naming scheme where the name of a city is followed by two letter designation code - sometimes an abbreviation of the weapon type - followed by a number (e.g. Saigon-LR5).


Daito may have been originally established during the Golden Age, as dilapidated billboards bearing the company logo can be found on the sides of buildings in The Buried City area of Freehold on Mars and in The Shattered Coast on Venus.

Several Daito products bear the symbol of the jade rabbit (Two-Tailed Fox, Moonfang-X7 Chassis and The Jade Rabbit being a few examples).

Banshee-44 is a client of Daito.[2]


Daito emblem obtainable from Banshee-44 in Destiny



Other gear[edit]

Daito Ghost projection


  • A daitō is a type of Japanese longsword.
  • In Destiny 2, a hidden room in the Tower can be found with the Daito logo and a journal of Ana Bray. It is unclear what purpose this room had, or whether there was any connection between Bray (Clovis Bray by association) and Daito. However, on the Gemini Jester the symbols of both the jade rabbit and Clovis Bray can be seen, which may be another hint at their past cooperation.
  • In the Season of Arrivals closing event, players could see a Daito store on the streets of the Last City in the Riverside district.


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