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I play the game and I'm a bit of a sucker for lore, what did you expect?
I also dabble in 3D fanart; you can see an example to the right. Or above, if you're on mobile.

Faction banners

Made with an online vectorization tool, Inkscape, Paint.NET, and a hacky workflow. Feel free to use these however you want; you probably won't have any issues because you used them, despite any licensing disclaimers.

Cabal Legions

Hive Gods and Broods

Everything else


Horribly unorganized userbox dump

I like to say I understand markup, but what follows disproves that notion entirely, assuming you're on desktop view.

Wikipedia.png This user also edits Wikipedia, and made frequent use of userboxes. His Wikipedia userpage is also quite sparse compared to this one.
Officer Crest.jpg This user prefers the Titan class, yet really likes to use sidearms and combat bows.
Official desktop wallpaper of the Conduit F3 "Fusion rifles are actually pretty good-"
Grimoire The Vex.jpg This user is probably a Vex construct.
Trostland.jpg This user's favourite Destination is the European Dead Zone.
Grimoire Hobgoblin.jpg This user doesn't see the big deal with Hobgoblins.
Render of a Cabal Bronto Cannon. By Chelsea Velazquez. This user really likes Cabal weapons.
Artifact's Edge.jpg This user's favourite Destination soundtrack is that of the Arcadian Valley.
Enceladus.jpg This user wants to go to Enceladus.
The Almighty, shortly before its total destruction. This user witnessed the destruction of the Almighty, or at least the tail end.
Chamber of Water.jpg This user loves the view from the Chamber of Water.
🔗 This user adds links.