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"Oh, look, look! It's a Vex milk waterfall, can we stop and... aww."

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Edited the page Izanagi's Burden
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Edited the page Pantheon
Edited the page MIDA Mini-Tool
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Edited the page Red Death
"/* List of appearances */ The Red Death is mentioned in the lore tab for..."
Edited the page MIDA Multi-Tool
"/* Lore tab */ Added links to Destiny 2 lore tab"
Edited the page Hand cannon
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Edited the page Earth
"/* Africa */ Added Saharan Contested Zone"
Edited the page Warlord
Edited the page Golden Age
"/* Late Golden Age */ Moved the Black Armory foundation in the timeline..."
Edited the page Golden Age
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Finds the Crucible and Gambit fun, yet still stays away from them

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