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Other name(s):

Plaguebearers of Darkness
Enders of Worlds
Twisted Humanoid Abominations
The Big Man's Killers
Eldritch Lightslayers



Focal world(s):

Enshrouded Solar System
Nexus of Shadows
Shadowship Nitrix-Fel
The Abaddon
Dragon's Cove
Ascendant Realm
Unknown Space


• Destroy the Traveler and all sources of the Light
• Recreate the entire universe with the Darkness
• Live forever by being synonymous with corruption
• Bring an end to the City Age

At war with:

Iron Lords
The Hidden
Dead Orbit
New Monarchy
Future War Cult
Lightbound Fallen
House of Flame
Castris's Criminal Empire
House of Judgment
House of Light (Sacred Splicers)
House of Spider
Lightbound Cabal
Imperial Cabal
House of Eclipse
The Overtakers
Exo 404
• Overtaker Remnants
The Dearest

Average height:


Average weight:



• Rippling shadowy forms
• Golden eyes
• Green-flamed ornaments with purple metallic thorns

Average lifespan:


Notable groups:

The Shadowkeepers
• Shadow Collective
The Mutated
The Creations
Champions of Kirito
Venom of Konno
Acolytes of Mal
House of Shadows
• Shadow Splicers
Shadow Brood
• Council of Zharves
• Shadow Ravagers
Shadow Divisive
Orion Initiative
Shadow Legion
Dark Guard
• Shadow Enclave
Council of Shadows
The Reborn
Cult of the Scorned
Neo Titans

Notable individuals:

Kirito, the Black Swordsman
Asuna, the White Angel
Totomaru, Scorchbreaker of Kirito
Eobard Thawne, Speedbreacher of Kirito
Malcolm Merlyn, Crystalline of Kirito
Damien Darhk, Warkeeper of Kirito
Tobias Whale, Ragefuser of Kirito
Reign, Willbreaker of Kirito
Leopold Fitz, Bloodhacker of Kirito
Anton Ivanov, Supremacy of Kirito
Hiram Lodge, Hornkeeper of Kirito
Morgana le Fay, Bladestriker of Kirito
Zevon, Pride of Kirito
Fikrul, Shardwalker of Kirito
Uldren Sov, Duskkiller of Kirito
Djin, Mightkeeper of Kirito
Sasuke Uchiha, Vengeance of Kirito
Phoenixaro Uchihamaki, Bladelord of Kirito
Ruby Hale, Deathbreaker of Kirito

The Shadowkeepers
Shadow Army Banner.png

Other name(s):

Heralds of the Darkness


Solar System


Elite Darkness force


Upper echelon of the Darkness' power


Second Collapse
Retaking of Sol


Kirito, the Black Swordsman
Asuna, Kirito's Betrothed

Notable information:

Assisted Kirito and Asuna in destroying The Last City

Shadow Collective


Tatsuyi Kirigaya, Vibebreaker of Shadows
Tyranaks, the Overlord
Xavyskaa, Heiress of the Shadow Collective


Marrowguard Servitors
Fused Etherkeepers


Den of the Lost


Second Collapse
Retaking of Sol


"Crota. Oryx. Ghaul. Eramis. Savathûn. Rank amateurs compared to Kirito and Asuna. Their forces have already claimed the lives of billions. And if we possess the means to stop them, and again do nothing, then their blood is on our hands."
Ikora Rey.

The Shadowkeepers are a multispecies and multifarious force consisting of all six species – Eliksni, Hive, Vex, Cabal, Human, and Awoken – thus far encountered by the Guardians, Lightbearers, and Lightbound Fallen and Cabal allies of The Last City and the Solar System.

Led by the dyad leadership of Kirito, the Black Swordsman and Asuna, the White Angel, they are a legion of potent enemies who serve The Black Fleet and its dark forces, extremely infamous not only for being notorious time criminals and masterminds responsible for various atrocious acts against the defenders and protectors of humanity, but also for corrupting Mallory Bertha via her newfound powers and bringing on the end of the City Age and the destruction of The Last City with the Second Collapse.

Empowered by the powers of the Darkness, they have led countless sieges against the forces of the Light and its allies, seeking to claim complete control over the Solar System and usher in a dark new future by recreating the entire universe in the Darkness's image.

They are the main antagonists of the Paradox expansion.





Early Wars and Encounters[edit]

Sakura Wars[edit]

SIVA Crisis[edit]

Scourge of Auradon[edit]

Nightmares' Awakening[edit]

Return of the Pyramids[edit]

Rise of the Wrathborn[edit]

The Endless Night[edit]

A Dark Interference[edit]

The Swordsman's Arrival[edit]

"The time has now come for us to take our rightful places as heralds of the Light's destruction! What the Traveler built, what little thing the Guardians have, we will take everything from them and their people until there's nothing left for them to save! With this power, we can overthrow the forces of all that the Guardians call good and usher in the end of their era... and the beginning of ours."
Kirito rallying his army of Shadowkeepers and forces of Darkness to destroy the Traveler.


An Unexpected Meeting[edit]

Assault on the Empire[edit]

"That arrogant ignoramus could never understand the truly grand design of beauty and power, not like I can. Now that I have power at my literal fingertips and an army to call my own, I can now pursue the one true ambition every creature, lowly and mighty, in this godforsaken system pursues. Power. And with it, all will fall to their knees before me, or by my might they'll be damned."
Tyranaks, the Overlord

Sometime prior to the Second Collapse, Kirito and some of his family would meet with the criminal leadership of Castris's Criminal Empire in the hopes of bolstering their forces and acquiring new, illicit hardware. Castris, with profits in mind, would instead declare neutrality on both sides. However, following the failed negotiations, the actions of defectors Tyranaks, Lilthis and Kamrak would catch the attention of Tatsuyi Kirigaya, the eldest son of Kazuto, who would contact them with the promise of power and individual sovereign over the criminal underground; the trio would accept this deal in a heartbeat. From the powers of the Fusion bestowed to them, the triune would help to pioneer the field of Fusion-wielding weaponry and tech, as well as fashion new tactics from the profane power such as the Marrow combat stimulant, Fusion Warping and particle manipulation. From their new powers and the backing of the Shadowkeepers, the criminal alliance known as the Shadow Collective was formed.

Their first order of business was subverting the crippled Seraphite Cartel into the Shadow Collective, where the trio executed the remaining leadership, Zevaksis included. With the destruction of a long-hated Criminal franchise, many of the remnants would join the ranks of the Shadow Collective, the dens would be turned into firebases and forward-operating bases, and their Ethrite refining machinery would be repurposed by Kamrak to accelerate production of Marrow. Following this, Tyranaks would put his plan against his former crime syndicate into motion. With the help of his close friends and superior, he would conspire against Castris and her crime empire in an effort to rope them into the Shadowkeepers to weaken the enterprise, assassinate its leadership and claim it for himself. During this, he would begin assassinating some of the syndicate's associates to sever the ties between them and the Vanguard, including Hunter Ashe-5, her Ghost, and other imperial emissaries. This would, as according to plan, catch the attention of both the Syndicate and spies from the last city. With the help of Kotrik, they were able to kill Rudolph McAlister; however, syndicate investigators Solviks and Myra Winters narrowly escaped their would-be assassins. While the partners continued their search for answers, spymaster Robert E. O. Speedwagon, assisted by his fellow partners Tattoo and Kempo Master, would conduct his own investigation, where he witnessed the murder of Vibe and confronted his murderer, Tatsuyi, who would leave him paralyzed and rightfully angry at Vibe and Ashe's unjust fates, where he would finally swear vengeance against Castris and her empire, as according to plan.

However, Tyranaks would soon realize that Solviks and Myra survived the attempt on their lives. He would scramble as many of his assets to tie up any loose ends and prevent them from investigating the conspiracy any further. Meanwhile, he would dispatch his lieutenants, Kamrak and Lilthis, to hunt down and capture the Syndicate's arms dealer, Wren Kinsing, and his Ghost. During this, the Gunslinger and Guardian associate would eventually get some answers from one of the Shadow Collective's lackeys and would finally uncover Tyranaks's ploy from a bounty hunter indentured into the Shadow Collective's ranks. Before they could return to Castris with their newfound information, Speedwagon would recover his consciousness and would pick up on the investigation, where he would intercept a distress call from Wren himself. After saving the Syndicate's arms dealer from the disguised Shadow operatives, he would interrogate the Warlock before realizing the syndicate still maintained its neutralist agenda and the sword used to murder Ashe was recently purchased off him. But before he could get more answers, the two would be ambushed by the Fusion-empowered lieutenants and would be swiftly overpowered, leading to Wren's kidnapping and Speedwagon's wounding, where he would first personally meet Tyranaks himself, who threatened his life if he kept searching this far down. After, once again recovering from his wounds and with the help of the syndicate's investigators, he would soon realize this was a conspiracy and would report his findings to the Vanguard while the duo prepared to warn Castris of the war to come. Now realizing his plan was falling apart at the seams, Tyranaks then desperately enacted a new plot to amplify the powers of Fusion within him. A plan that would eventually drive him to the verge of madness from fascination and a road that would lead him to his death.

Attack on the House[edit]

"It's showtime!"
The Dark Jester challenging Tyrakus and the House of Eclipse.

At the same time, the Niles brothers would lead a terrifying assault against the House of Eclipse. While many Eclipse followers were able to safely evacuate from their outpost with the help of Mithrax and Eido and the backing of the House of Light, those who stayed behind weren't so fortunate as they were subverted into the Shadow Collective's ranks.

Siege of the Shore[edit]

"I have seen many terrible things that you've done to the world. You call the Darkness your savior, but we know you won't stop us… not us united!"
Keverikks challenging the invading Shadowkeepers.

Some members of the Shadowkeepers are a little stubborn, two of these Shadowkeepers being Mallory and Kamrak, so since Chase ordered them not to go after the House of Eclipse and House of Light, they'll just go without him, so Mallory and Kamrak led two teams of Shadow Collective after the Shore. Kamrak goes after the House of Light and Mallory goes after the House of Eclipse. The two teams landed on the Thieves' Landing where they didn't have a friendly welcome from House of Spider associates who attacked the two teams. However, the associates were quickly brought down by Kamrak, but unfortunately for them, the House of Eclipse were ready for the next attack from the Shadowkeepers and they wiped 15 members of the Shadow Collective and quickly retreated. As Mallory and her team followed, the House of Light then did the same, leading Kamrak and his team to the Jetsam of Saturn. Little did he know, following the House of Light would be a bad idea since the House of Light made a deal with a Scorn faction that would forever haunt the species of the Shadowkeepers. Kamrak and his team was led into some sort of cave but there were no members of the House of Light or anyone until a strange Chieftain came up into the dark cave and then just when Kamrak told the Chieftain to say who they were, the Chieftain yelled out "AMBUSH!", and as soon she said those words, here came The Dearest. Keverikks, the Monarch of The Dearest revealed her self and had her people attempt to capture Kamrak and his team as war prisoners. Kamrak tried to stop them, but unfortunately, his ego got in the way of his battle; luckily, it was enough to distract Keverikks, giving him and his crew the opportunity to escape. For Mallory, things were a lot less intense. Even though Mallory didn't get the House of Eclipse, she did find a Scorn Chieftain that would later be a big role in the Shadowkeepers, Vayeriks.

The Retrieval[edit]

"Mallory, what have you done done done?"
Kreeks, the Ticking Templar after hearing that she succeeded in prying the Corrupted Heart of Poseidon out of The Kraken.

Some time after hearing from Kreeks about the existence of the Corrupted Heart of Poseidon, the Shadowkeepers had Mallory break into the Five Waves of Wonders in the hopes of unlocking the ultimate power of Darkness. Along the way, she came face-to-face with the Omega Kraken, a powerful Hive-like squid who possessed the ability to shape-shift into various figures, including Uma, Audrey, Evie, Ben, and Maleficent, all of whom taunted her, claiming that the world should've been better off without her and that it was her fault that goodness had lost to the sheer might of evil. Expecting to vanquish Mallory, the Omega Kraken would instead be crippled by the growing influence of Darkness emerging from within her heart, giving Mallory an unfair advantage over the kraken, forcefully tearing the Heart out of the creature. Emerging victorious, Mallory would bestow upon Kirito the Corrupted Heart, giving him the ultimate power of the Darkness; however, unbeknownst to them, Kreeks had been watching her, lamenting about the effects of what she had done in stealing the Corrupted Heart.

Call to the Shadows[edit]

Fall of the Leviathan[edit]

"My allies aboard that decrepit derelict, hear me and rejoice! Your old master, the pompous and flamboyant fool that was Calus, thought he could comprehend the Darkness, bend it to his will, become one with it, and reign over the universe like a child ambitiously pursuing an impossible future. And in that pursuit, he vanished- nay, he was vanquished by the Darkness. He could never control its will and so he was consumed, lost forever in the dark world of un-being. But, I say, good riddance! Now, BEHOLD! Your true savior! Kirito! He gazed the abyss and the abyss didn't simply glance him like the pathetic chaff of the wheat, nay, it chose him! He now leads us to a new golden age, one where we will all prosper, not in the shadow of war, but in the shadow in its purest form. So, if you do wish to witness this magnificent tomorrow, reject your hedonistic ways and your incessant vanity and join us. As for those who refuse, fear not, salvation shall come to you too, but not in apotheosis, but in the bittersweet embrace of death. Either way, the Leviathan shall belong to us, to its right and true owners."
— Gha'arn rallying his followers to capture the Leviathan.

Before the Second Collapse, Gha'arn would begin a full scale assault on The Leviathan in the hopes of capturing it for the Legion in the hopes of adding a flagship to their fleet. With the help of loyal saboteurs and spies aboard the ship, the primary force consisting of Cabal and Shadowkeepers, led by Gha'arn, would rapidly seize a foothold aboard the ship, first establishing a base of operations within the Castellum. From there, they managed to slowly advance throughout the vessel, facing off against the Loyalists rather advanced and psionically empowered defenses, as well as Emperor Calus's mechanical proxies. Stretched thin, however, the clashing forces would enter a stalemate, gaining no ground and taking equal casualties each skirmish. That was until the reserve force, led by the combined forces of Shua'aud and Nu'uorc, arrived and quickly sabotaged the ship's planet-eating engine and captured the ship's core and advanced to the Celestial Observatory, with the combined might of the forces, the army easily penetrated the reinforced defenses of the remnant Loyalists and finally took the astral spire and marched onto the Power Conduit beneath. Here, the two massive forces clashed as Threshers and Harvesters engaged in dogfights, Goliath Tanks exchanged barrages of Planet Cracking rounds and their armies collided and, despite the fierce opposition the Loyalists demonstrated, they would be driven back to their last and most impregnable stronghold, the Menagerie, losing a massive chunk of their forces, many of their armor columns and their entire air regiment of Gunships. Despite the disheveled state of the true Loyalists, the remnant faction, now led by de-facto commander, Roudak, would manage to drive off their invaders with minimal casualties thanks to the commanders brilliant and careful use of the Menagerie's inhabitants. That would be until the arrival of the Shadow Enclave, where its leader, Aethrox, would unleash his beloved champion, Korvam, against the impregnable stronghold. Within hours, thanks to Korvam's immense psionic arsenal and cohorts, the last hope of Calus's true loyalists would fall and, despite an admirable last stand made by Roudak and the last proxy of his Emperor, their last leader would be captured and, humiliatingly, imprisoned within the corridors he once called his stronghold.

Now with the planet eating ship within his grasp, Gha'arn would repurpose, modify and reshape the ship to the Shadow Legion's image. The throne room became his personal chambers and mock court, the Gauntlet, Hunting grounds and Menagerie became research facilities for weapons and tactics, the lattermost chamber also becoming a base for the Legion's Psion Enclave, the Celestial Observatory a bridge, the Power Conduit a makeshift city, named Katharsis, and weapons factory and the maw a shipyard for his expansive fleet. Its hull would be reinforced with more enhanced and durable armor, shield projectors and retrofitted with more advanced and factory condition weaponry fresh from the Shadow's prestigious engineers and repainted in the image of the Shadow Legion. The Leviathan was renamed The Abaddon and, as according to plan, became a flagship and dreadnaught for the Shadowkeeper army. With the newly named Abaddon in hand, the ship and its battle fleet quickly encroached upon Caiatl and her fleet of scattered Imperial Cabal in preparation for the Second Collapse.

Countdown to the End[edit]

"The day we've been dreading has finally arrived, and I fear that we might be too late."

Attack on the City[edit]

The Second Collapse[edit]

Age of Darkness[edit]

With the Last City destroyed and the Traveler gone following the events of the Second Collapse, the Shadowkeepers began to quickly spread everywhere in the enshrouded Solar System. Across Europa and Nessus, they launched a campaign of terror against the surviving Guardians who didn't reach the Realms of Glass, not only succeeding in overwhelming them and depriving them of their Light, but also trapping them within the world of Aincrad. Some moments after the Age of Darkness began, they would celebrate their latest victory through a special variant of the Jubilee, where many forces would commemorate Kirito and Asuna's reign through a Rite of Eternity, which included establishing a new world order.

The Moon Massacre[edit]

"FINALLY! The Moon is MINE!"

While the remaining Guardians had been hiding in fear, the Shadowkeepers had been planning to take over the Moon, a moment Zharves has been craving for ever since she obtained the power she has, so the Shadow Brood made a devastating attack on the Hidden Swarm, but the Hidden Swarm didn't give up yet and instead sent out their strongest units against the Shadow Brood, but that attempt proved unlikely for the Hidden Swarm. Zharves didn't give up either and she called The Reborn for backup. The Hidden Swarm was horribly damaged at this point since Torograkxs killed all of their Ultras, which rendered the Swarm Prince known as Garok defenseless, giving Zharves the opportunity to kill him. Before Garok could do anything, Zharves ripped out his heart, having her and the Shadow Brood win the battle.

Battle of the Bots[edit]

"The opponent Vex has a 0.000001% Chance of defeating me... (STATIC) beginning operation"
— The Motherboard

The Party Crasher[edit]

"A good soldier fights for his country and his friends, but you guys... you are the reason that wretched she-witch killed good people of Auradon! And so, you must die for that!"
— Exo 404

To celebrate their recent victories, the Shadowkeepers traveled to the Shadow Games to have a party. However, their jubilee was interrupted by Exo 404, who vowed to undo the success they achieved with the Second Collapse so that he could kill the Guardians himself. However, Steve rushed up against him, teleporting both himself and the intruder into another dimension where they fought it out. Unfortunately for Steve, Exo 404 delivered a fatal blow against him, killing the Jester; however, Steve retaliated, stabbing the Exo through the heart. While Chase was able to revive his brother, Exo 404's corpse would be teleported to a parallel universe, where the remnants of the Overtakers would resurrect him, turning him into a weaponized virus that they can use for an upcoming invasion that would soon affect the balance between humanity and the Fallen.

Assassinating the Assassin[edit]

Retaking of Sol[edit]

The High Orbit[edit]

Clash of the Kingdom[edit]

"While that scrawny gamer and his teenage wife and children grew rich, our people have suffered endlessly. But now, no longer will we stand by and let that wretched she-witch continue to live unpunished while the universe descends into madness. The time has come for us to take back what is rightfully ours. To continue what King Ben started in bringing peace and order to the galaxy. To fulfill my mother's wish and her commanders' legacies. But most importantly, the time has come for us to end my sister's defiant heritage and restore the universe to what it could've been! Join me and together, we shall save the universe from itself and from its true enemy… the one its people knew as Ravana, the Worldeater! Together, we shall redefine the meaning of fate and bring all of humanity down the path towards true peace!"
Malice rallying the remnants of the Overtakers and Ben's supporters.

Some time after the war between the House of Flame and the Hive, Tatsuyi and his legion would come face-to-face with Malice, the son of Maleficent and a surviving commander of the remnants of the Overtakers who vowed to get his revenge on the Shadowkeepers and Mallory for murdering his mother, King Ben, and Evie and their commanders and for driving almost all of his people to the brink of extinction. The Overtakers then made an attack on the Shadowkeepers' capital, harming and overwhelming a lot of people, some of these people being The Magician and the Dark Guards. While the Dark Guards were killed, the Magician was heavily injured from the attack and retreated back to the castle of the Shadowkeepers to warn Tatsuyi about the Overtakers.

Meeting of the Monarchs[edit]

"This factory contains (SCANNING) Blades, Vehicles, Guns, and even potentially nuclear bombs. Attacking the factory could potentially wipe out the Overtakers' resources but the only problem is the large amount of guards who happen to be protecting this factory."
— The Hologram Motherboard.

During the onslaught between the Guardians and the Overtakers, all of the monarchs from all divisions showed up to discuss how to take down these new enemies, even going on to set up battle strategies and to locate one of the Overtakers' bases until the Motherboard located some type of factory located in the outskirts of the Moon. Looks like another job for The Reborn and The Shadow Brood to handle.

Ending the Overtakers[edit]

"I propose an alliance between your people and my army. Alone, we can only do enough to damage the Overtakers' reputation… but if we work together, not only can we end their existence once and for all, but we can also destroy their legacy."
— Astronema shortly before teaming up with Tatsuyi and his Shadow Collective.

Some time after the meeting, the hierarchs of the Shadow Collective, led by Tatsuyi and Xavyskaa, would meet up with Astronema and form an alliance with her army to bring an end to the Overtakers.

Shadows Gathering[edit]

Age of Legends[edit]

Clash of the Heliumborn[edit]


The name given to entities wholly corrupted by the pyramids in service to the Darkness is simply the "Shadowkeeper". There is no distinction between willing servitude and outright enslavement. Members of all six species present in the solar system are among their ranks—Human, Awoken, Eliksni, Cabal, Hive, and Vex. Their physical appearance is that of a rippling shadow, more opaque than the Taken armies commanded by Oryx, with eyes of golden fire. They command powers and abilities that are the antithetical opposite of the Light—Stasis, Entropy, and Fracture.

According to remnants of Rasputin's analyses from the First Collapse, there is growing evidence that these beings are wholly artificial, drawn out of the collective psyche of entire racial minds. Examples include the Black Swordsman, otherwise known as Kirito, apparently created wholesale out of an artificial program that had formerly been under Rasputin's prerogative, which in turn had been based upon a character from a centuries-old entertainment series. This means that they are specially constructed, tailor made even, for each invasion of a targeted species. They supplement the Nightmares that soften up resistance to the Pyramids until the main Fleet arrives.

The most notable of these servants is simply The Guardian, hero of the Last City and killer of their many and varied foes. It is unknown how The Guardian finally fell to the Darkness' service but it is believed exposure to Stasis is what hastened their fall, much in the same manner as what happened to Rezyl Azzir. What is known for certain is that, during the war against the Black Fleet, the Guardian slowly and surely grew more erratic, disappearing for weeks on end in pursuit of the City's enemies—and finally, one day after a very lengthily departure, returned at the head of an army by the side of the Black Swordsman and the White Angel, and overran Earth's defenses. They personally slew millions of Guardians and civilians where before they had once staunchly defended.





Command Structure[edit]



  • Executioner – Resilient variants of Phalanxes that carry deadly momentum against their enemies. Armed with either a Photon Cannon (common) or Shieldburner (very rare).
  • Psire – Aggressive Thrall-like variants of Psions that use knives instead of guns. Armed with either an Entropic Knife (common) or Scorch Blade (rare).
  • Praetor – Agile variants of Centurions that dominate environments retrofitted to their advantages. Armed with either a Cabal Headhunter (common) or Devourer Rifle (very rare).
  • Barbarian – Heavily-armored variants of Colossi that carry two red flags on their backs as they possess the ability to overwhelm their enemies under extreme pressure. Armed with either a Cabal Severus (common) or Redblade Cleaver (uncommon).
  • DroidShank-like flying units that shoot at their enemies with prejudice. Armed with either a Slug Turret (common) or Bronto Cannon (rare).




  • Hopebreaker — Darkness-corrupted clones of Izuru Kamukura who seek the despair of all Guardians. Armed with either a Despair Rifle (common), Souleater Launcher (rare), or Trauma Dagger (very rare).
  • Luckmaster — Darkness-corrupted clones of Nagito Komaeda who seek the unlucky downfall of all Guardians. Armed with either a Skullripper Launcher (common), Cursesleeper Bow (uncommon), or Nightmare Rifle (rare).
  • Bloodmender — Darkness-corrupted clones of Mikan Tsumiki who seek the wellbeing of her comrades. Armed with either a Energem Fuser (uncommon) or Fusion Syringe (very rare).
  • Teamkeeper — Darkness-corrupted clones of Nekomaru Nidai who seek the strong formation of his master's armies. Armed with either a Chromative Oracle (common) or Shieldkeeper (very rare).
  • Bladebearer — Darkness-corrupted clones of Peko Pekoyama who seek victory against all Guardians. Armed with either a Sword of Darkness (common) or Venom Rifle (uncommon).
  • Scorchseeker — Darkness-corrupted clones of Teruteru Hanamura who seek pleasure from all Guardians' sufferings. Armed with either a Null Flamethrower (common) or Scorch Appetirazor (rare).
  • Balladier — Darkness-corrupted clones of Hiyoko Saionji who seek the exhaustion of all Guardians. Armed with either a Symphony Repeater (uncommon) or Shock Avalanche Rifle (rare).
  • Punksinger — Darkness-corrupted clones of Ibuki Mioda who seek the madness of all Guardians. Armed with either a Skullpiercer Rifle (common) or Metal Launcher (rare).
  • Breeder — Darkness-corrupted clones of Gundham Tanaka who seek the growing influence of the Darkness. Armed with either a Trapper Rifle (common) or Chain Launcher (very rare).
  • Showstopper — Darkness-corrupted clones of Mahiru Koizumi who seek the destruction of the Light. Armed with either a Tapering Launcher (common) or Well of Suppression (rare).
  • Imposter — Darkness-corrupted clones of Ultimate Imposter who seek the destruction of all Guardians' identities.
  • Criminal — Darkness-corrupted clones of Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu who seek a new era of anarchy.
  • Spoiler — Darkness-corrupted clones of Sonia Nevermind who seek confusion from all Guardians.
  • Puppeteer — Darkness-corrupted clones of Akane Owari who seek to cement her master's control over all worlds.
  • Mechanic — Darkness-corrupted clones of Kazuichi Soda who seek to augment the Black Fleet's many arsenals with dark powers.
  • Homekiller — Darkness-corrupted clones of Monaca Towa who seek insanity from all Guardians.
  • Talonrider — Darkness-corrupted clones of Tsubasa Otori who seek only to win against his enemies, even if it means breaking them.
  • Heelblaster — Darkness-corrupted clones of Aiger Akabane who seek only to become the best, even if it means destroying the Guardians.
  • Phantom — Darkness-corrupted clones of Theresa who seek the weakening of all Guardians.
  • Nightdrainer — Darkness-corrupted clones of Vida Rocca who seek to drain the Guardians of their Light.
  • Wolfripper — Darkness-corrupted clones of Nick Russell who seek to overpower all Guardians, even if it means falling under the influence of the Darkness.
  • Moonslayer — Darkness-corrupted clones of Ginger Fitzgerald who seek the corruption of all Guardians at the hands of the Darkness.
  • Eyestriker – Darkness-corrupted clones of Aya Asagiri who seek revenge on the Traveler for what happened to her in the past.


Unique Forces[edit]

Major variants

Minor variants

Groups and Syndicates[edit]

Image Name Nobility Description
The Shadowkeepers Wardens, overseers, notorious criminals, and champions of the Darkness and their Black Fleet, led by Kirito, the Black Swordsman and Asuna, the White Angel. Responsible for the untold deaths of countless civilians and Guardians, including Zavala, during the Second Collapse.
Shadow Collective Criminal empire fueled by the powers of Fusion and Marrow, backed by the Shadowkeepers, and led by Tatsuyi Kirigaya, Tyranaks, and Xavyskaa. Found throughout the Shadowkeepers' outposts.
Champions of Kirito Terrifying abominations chosen by the Shadowkeepers to become their champions and safeguard Aincrad against the Guardians. Found throughout the enshrouded Solar System.
Venom of Konno The disciples of Konno Yuuki chosen to defend Aincrad against the Guardians.
Destiny Nightstalker Image.jpg
Shaderunners Corrupted legion of Void-empowered Guardians led by Chase Niles, the Magician.
Destiny Stormcaller Image.png
Acolytes of Mal Corrupted legion of Fusion-empowered Guardians, Hive, and Taken led by Mal, Emissary of Kirito. Encountered only in The Coming Nightmare and Wicked World Missions.
The New Evil The second Shadowkeeper faction, created by Kirumi, Tatsuyi's son and the de-facto commander of the Shadowkeepers.
House of Shadows The Darkness-empowered Fallen House consisting of soldiers and commanders of Kotrik, Bloodcrafter of Kirito. Found by Aincrad.
Shadow Splicers The Splicer sect of the Fallen House of Shadows fueled by a hostile variant of SIVA.
Just gonna add this.
Shadow Brood The Darkness-empowered Hive sect consisting of soldiers and commanders of Zharves, Shadowcaster of Kirito. Found by Aincrad.
Grasp of Nokris.jpg
Council of Zharves The disciples of Zharves's inner circle selected by Zharves to guard Aincrad's ancient secrets.
Shadow Ravagers The dark soldiers of Fang, Devoted to Zharves fueled by the dark powers of the Cryptolith. Includes Fallen, Hive, and Cabal in their ranks.
Shadow Divisive The Darkness-empowered Vex collective consisting of soldiers and commanders of Hydrax, Mindkiller of Kirito. Encountered on Aincrad.
The Orion Initiative A special forces unit for the Shadow Divisive.
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Shadow Legion The Darkness-empowered Cabal Legion consisting of soldiers and commanders of Gha'arn, Crownforger of Kirito. Primarily found in The Abaddon on Aincrad.
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Dark Guard The royal guards tasked with protecting the Shadow Royalty and their advisors.
Shadow Enclave The disciples of Aethrox, Shadow's Hunger and his commanders, fueled by the powers of Fusion.
Council of Shadows The Cabal council consisting of Aethrox's chosen champions who have proven themselves worthy through the Rite of Devastation. Found by The Abaddon.
The Reborn The Darkness-empowered Taken army consisting of soldiers and commanders of Thu'urg, Blightmaker of Kirito. Found by Aincrad.
Cult of the Scorned The Darkness-empowered Scorn faction consisting of soldiers and commanders of Vayeriks, Fatesmith of Kirito. Found by Aincrad.

Named Individuals and Mini-bosses[edit]

Shadowkeeper Pantheon[edit]

Pantheon Claimants[edit]

  • Rei, Keeper of the End

Shadowkeeper Descendants[edit]

Shadowkeeper Council[edit]

Shadowkeeper Champions[edit]

"Entities recruited by The Black Fleet from across uncounted time periods and dimensions in service to the Darkness and its notorious legions, the Shadowkeeper champions command powers and abilities beyond many Guardians' understandings, seeking to eradicate all traces of the Light itself and reshape the entire Solar System in the Darkness's image."

Shadowkeeper Army Elites[edit]

"The Black Swordsman and The White Angel's lieutenants -- Kotrik, Zharves, Hydrax, Gha'arn, Thu'urg, and Vayeriks. The highest-ranking and most trusted subjects of the Shadowkeepers. Skilled wielders of Dark powers and stolen technology, they are as lethal as they are loyal; potent foes who will stop at nothing to advance Kirito and Asuna's cause."

Shadow Commanders[edit]

Shadow Advisors[edit]

Shadowkeeper Lieutenants and Zealots[edit]

Story Mission Encounters[edit]

Adventure and Quest Encounters[edit]

  • Chiakhi, Nexus Templar

Patrol and Lost Sector Encounters[edit]

  • Kothdol, Insurrective Dreadbearer

Strike Encounters[edit]

  • Xalkoz, Horn of the Darkblade

Dungeon Encounters[edit]

Arena Encounters[edit]

Shadowkeeper Nightmares[edit]

Mentioned Shadowkeepers[edit]

Former Members[edit]







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