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Focal world(s):

Enshrouded Solar System
Nexus of Darkness
Shadowship Nitrix-Fel
The Abaddon
Dragon's Cove (Wicked World)
Ascendant Realm
Unknown Space


Destroy the Traveler and all sources of the Light
Recreate the entire universe with the Darkness
Live forever by being synonymous with corruption

At war with:

Lightbound Fallen
House of Time
House of Flame
Castris's Criminal Empire
House of Judgment
House of Light
House of Spider
Lightbound Cabal
Imperial Cabal

Average height:


Average weight:



Rippling shadowy forms
Golden eyes
Green-flamed ornaments with purple metallic thorns

Average lifespan:


Notable groups:

The Shadowkeepers
• Shadow Collective
House of Shadows
• Shadow Splicers
Shadow Brood
• Shadow Ravagers
Shadow Divisive
Shadow Legion
• Shadow Enclave
The Reborn
Cult of the Scorned

Notable individuals:

Kirito, the Black Swordsman
Asuna, the White Angel
Totomaru, Scorchbreaker of Kirito
Eobard Thawne, Speedbreacher of Kirito
Malcolm Merlyn, Crystalline of Kirito
Damien Darhk, Warkeeper of Kirito
Tobias Whale, Ragefuser of Kirito
Reign, Willbreaker of Kirito
Leopold Fitz, Bloodhacker of Kirito
Anton Ivanov, Supremacy of Kirito
Hiram Lodge, Hornkeeper of Kirito
Morgana le Fay, Bladestriker of Kirito
Zevon, Pride of Kirito
Fikrul, Shardwalker of Kirito
Uldren Sov, Duskkiller of Kirito
Djin, Mightkeeper of Kirito
Sasuke Uchiha, Vengeance of Kirito
Phoenixaro Uchihamaki, Bladelord of Kirito
Ruby Hale, Deathbreaker of Kirito

Other Names:

Plaguebearers of Darkness
Enders of Worlds

The Shadowkeepers
Shadow Army Banner.png


Solar System


Elite Darkness force


Upper echelon of the Darkness' power

Other names:

Heralds of the Darkness


Second Collapse
Retaking of Sol


Kirito, the Black Swordsman
Asuna, Kirito's Betrothed

Notable information:

Assisted Kirito and Asuna in destroying The Last City

Shadow Collective


Tatsuyi Kirigaya, Vibebreaker of Shadows
Tyranaks, the Overlord
Xavyskaa, Heiress of the Shadow Collective


Marrowguard Servitors
Fused Etherkeepers


Den of the Lost


Second Collapse
Retaking of Sol

"Crota. Oryx. Ghaul. Eramis. Savathûn. Rank amateurs compared to Kirito and Asuna. Their forces have already claimed the lives of billions. And if we possess the means to stop them, and again do nothing, then their blood is on our hands."
Ikora Rey.

The Shadowkeepers are a multispecies and multifarious force consisting of all six species – Eliksni, Hive, Vex, Cabal, Human, and Awoken – thus far encountered by the Guardians, Lightbearers, and Lightbound Fallen and Cabal allies of The Last City and the Solar System.

Led by the dyad leadership of Kirito, the Black Swordsman and Asuna, the White Angel, they are a legion of potent enemies who serve The Black Fleet and its dark forces, infamous for being notorious time criminals and masterminds responsible for various atrocious acts against the defenders and protectors of humanity. Empowered by the powers of the Darkness, they have led countless sieges against the forces of the Light, seeking to fulfill the dark prophecy by recreating the entire universe in the Darkness's image.

They are the main antagonists of the Paradox expansion.


"My loyal and ambitious subjects, you are here today to finally end your troubles, finally end your griefs over your losses, finally to end your droughts against The Last City's forces...and to finally bring your people's salvation. The wait is finally over, for I, Kirito, Chosen by the Winnower, Champion of the Black Fleet, Bringer to Light's End, will bring you the Salvation and justice that you crave so dearly..."
The Black Swordsman





Rise of the Black Swordsman[edit]


Fall of Auradon[edit]

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"The Collapse may have been a traumatizing point for our people, but it didn't stop there. Within the shores of our planet lied a civilization that the ancestors used to call Auradon, a place where goodness prevailed and triumphed over villainy. Unfortunately for its civilians, that era came to an end the moment she arrived. We didn't know why she had done such a thing, but we knew what the Darkness had done to her... that she wasn't the first one to have sided with our enemy."
Hannah Ciel

Some time after Kirito and Asuna rose to power, they, along with their newly-created army, launched a high-stakes surprise attack against Auradon, which alerted the Overtakers and their commanders Benjamin Florian, Evie, and The Man. Within the ruins of the court, the Shadowkeeper forces and the Overtakers clashed as fleets traded attacks against each other for most of the assault. However, just when the Overtakers were about to launch the finishing blow, their commanders were brutally slaughtered by a rogue Guardian who was later revealed to be Mallory, who went on to deliver a fatal blow to Ben and Evie, earning her the support of the Shadowkeepers.

Assault on the Empire[edit]

"That arrogant ignoramus could never understand the truly grand design of beauty and power, not like I can. Now that I have power at my literal fingertips and an army to call my own, I can now pursue the one true ambition every creature, lowly and mighty, in this godforsaken system pursues. Power. And with it, all will fall to their knees before me, or by my might they'll be damned."
Tyranaks, the Overlord

Sometime prior to the Second Collapse, Kirito and some of his family would meet with the criminal leadership of Castris's Criminal Empire in the hopes of bolstering their forces and acquiring new, illicit hardware. Castris, with profits in mind, would instead declare neutrality on both sides. However, following the failed negotiations, the actions of defectors Tyranaks, Lilthis and Kamrak would catch the attention of Tatsuyi Kirigaya, the eldest son of Kazuto, who would contact them with the promise of power and individual sovereign over the criminal underground; the trio would accept this deal in a heartbeat. From the powers of the Fusion bestowed to them, the triune would help to pioneer the field of Fusion-wielding weaponry and tech, as well as fashion new tactics from the profane power such as the Marrow combat stimulant, Fusion Warping and particle manipulation. From their new powers and the backing of the Shadowkeepers, the criminal alliance known as the Shadow Collective was formed.

Their first order of business was subverting the crippled Seraphite Cartel into the Shadow Collective, where the trio executed the remaining leadership, Zevaksis included. With the destruction of a long-hated Criminal franchise, many of the remnants would join the ranks of the Shadow Collective, the dens would be turned into firebases and forward-operating bases, and their Ethrite refining machinery would be repurposed by Kamrak to accelerate production of Marrow. Following this, Tyranaks would put his plan against his former crime syndicate into motion. With the help of his close friends and superior, he would conspire against Castris and her crime empire in an effort to rope them into the Shadowkeepers to weaken the enterprise, assassinate its leadership and claim it for himself. During this, he would begin assassinating some of the syndicate's associates to sever the ties between them and the Vanguard, including Hunter Ashe-5, her Ghost, and other imperial emissaries. This would, as according to plan, catch the attention of both the Syndicate and spies from the last city. With the help of Kotrik, they were able to kill Rudolph McAlister; however, syndicate investigators Solviks and Myra Winters narrowly escaped their would-be assassins. While the partners continued their search for answers, spymaster Robert E. O. Speedwagon, assisted by his fellow partners Tattoo and Kempo Master, would conduct his own investigation, where he witnessed the murder of Vibe and confronted his murderer, Tatsuyi, who would leave him paralyzed and rightfully angry at Vibe and Ashe's unjust fates, where he would finally swear vengeance against Castris and her empire, as according to plan.

However, Tyranaks would soon realize that Solviks and Myra survived the attempt on their lives. He would scramble as many of his assets to tie up any loose ends and prevent them from investigating the conspiracy any further. Meanwhile, he would dispatch his lieutenants, Kamrak and Lilthis, to hunt down and capture the Syndicate's arms dealer, Wren Kinsing, and his Ghost. During this, the Gunslinger and Guardian associate would eventually get some answers from one of the Shadow Collective's lackeys and would finally uncover Tyranaks's ploy from a bounty hunter indentured into the Shadow Collective's ranks. Before they could return to Castris with their newfound information, Speedwagon would recover his consciousness and would pick up on the investigation, where he would intercept a distress call from Wren himself. After saving the Syndicate's arms dealer from the disguised Shadow operatives, he would interrogate the Warlock before realizing the syndicate still maintained its neutralist agenda and the sword used to murder Ashe was recently purchased off him. But before he could get more answers, the two would be ambushed by the Fusion-empowered lieutenants and would be swiftly overpowered, leading to Wren's kidnapping and Speedwagon's wounding, where he would first personally meet Tyranaks himself, who threatened his life if he kept searching this far down. After, once again recovering from his wounds and with the help of the syndicate's investigators, he would soon realize this was a conspiracy and would report his findings to the Vanguard while the duo prepared to warn Castris of the war to come. Now realizing his plan was falling apart at the seams, Tyranaks then desperately enacted a new plot to amplify the powers of Fusion within him. A plan that would eventually drive him to the verge of madness from fascination and a road that would lead him to his death.

Call to the Shadows[edit]


A Dark Arrival[edit]

"Impressive... most impressive. Lesser heroes would have fallen already. You are clearly so much more..."
Eobard Thawne challenging The Guardian


The Second Collapse[edit]


Retaking of Sol[edit]


Named Individuals[edit]

Shadowkeeper Pantheon[edit]

Shadowkeeper Descendants[edit]

Shadowkeeper Champions[edit]

"Entities recruited by The Black Fleet from across uncounted time periods and dimensions in service to the Darkness and its notorious legions, the Shadowkeeper champions command powers and abilities beyond many Guardians' understandings, seeking to eradicate all traces of the Light itself and reshape the entire Solar System in the Darkness's image."

Shadowkeeper Lieutenants[edit]

"The Black Swordsman and The White Angel’s lieutenants -- Kotrik, Zharves, Hydrax, Gha'arn, Thu'urg, and Vayeriks. The highest-ranking and most trusted subjects of the Shadowkeepers. Skilled wielders of Dark powers and stolen technology, they are as lethal as they are loyal; potent foes who will stop at nothing to advance Kirito and Asuna's cause."


Former Allies[edit]



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