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Kamrak, the Titan
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Other name(s):

Kamrak, the Unstoppable
The Brute
The Bouncer (formerly)




House of Wolves (formerly)
Castris's Criminal Empire (formerly)
House of Shadows (currently)




Wolves' Guard (formerly)



Combat information


An Empire Strikes Back (temporarily)
Retribution (temporarily)
Clash of the Titan


Fusion Fists


Summon Fallen
Temporary Immunity
High Durability
Fatal Slam
Fusion Waves
Unstoppable Charge
Destroy Environment
Cataclysmic Eruption


"I'm the strongest there is. No one will ever take that mantle away from me. Not for as long as I live. Not for as long as my master lives."
— Kamrak

Kamrak, the Titan is a former member of Castris's Criminal Empire turned defector for the Shadowkeepers along with his master, Tyranaks. A powerful and trusted lieutenant of Tyranaks, as well as a skilled user of Fusion, he and his master currently work for the eldest son of Kirito, Tatsuyi. Chocked full of ego and hatred, he is a brutish and unwavering disciple of Kirito's army.


The Black Swordsman[edit]

"These Shadowkeepers don't seem so bad! Look at me now! HAHAHA!"
— Kamrak on the Shadowkeepers.

Following Castris's declaration of neutrality, Kamrak, along with his superior and fellow lieutenant would grow furious at their master's decision to stay out of war. After conspiring together, the triune of future separatists would secretly contact and support the Shadowkeepers with underground information and unsanctioned and modified arms. Their actions would soon be noticed by Kirito's eldest son, Tatsuyi, who would meet the council with a proposition in which they serve as agents within the Shadowkeeper army in exchange for their former master's criminal empire and a new, dark power for them to wield, Fusion. Kamrak, along with his master and close friend, Lilthis, would accept this deal without so much as a second thought.

From the powers gifted to him, as well as the tech designed to harness it granted from his master, he fashioned gauntlets capable of channeling a devastating and fatal amount of the entropic energy, as well as a new combat stimulant that he calls "Marrow" that, not only enhances his strength, but also his resilience and endurance, allowing him to tank inhumane amounts of damage. Now armed with new dark and powerful gear and weaponry, he would begin work on his masters' plan on roping the Syndicate into war and claiming it as their own. He would purchase a Dreaming City-designed Sword from Wren Kinsing before returning to the human warlock's ship to kidnap him. It would be here where he would meet Robert E.O. Speedwagon, where he would nearly kill the spymaster before, instead, pursuing Wren for capture, allowing his friend, Lilthis, to finish the job. With the discovery of the Shadow Collective and their plans, however, he would be tasked with maintaining a foothold on the Tangled Shore for his organization, quickly becoming the commander of the forces there, however, not leading from the shadows, rather, from the frontlines.

Utilizing this display of hubris as an opportunity to get a window into the mysterious and growing threat of the Shadow Collective, as well as an opportunity to even get a lead on Tatsuyi's location and operations, Castris, along with her new Guardian allies would begin striking back at the Shadowkeeper army, slowly taking out their lieutenants and stealing or destroying their arsenal, while also pursuing any leads on the whereabouts of the self-proclaimed Titan, where they would eventually discover the brutish commander himself before eventually exhausting him and forcing him to retreat. However, after discovering that the Criminal Enterprise has now discovered a means to counter his arsenal and his Marrow, he would be forced to retreat once again, leaving his trusted disciple, Kroskiks behind to cover his escape. After a vengeful Guardian would eventually find leads to his location, they, along with the Criminal Empire would finally corner and begin hunting the powerful Fusion brawler. After a valiant and chaotic last stand, Kamrak would eventually be killed by the disastrous and lethal side effects of the Marrow coursing through his veins, leaving behind a lifeless, crystal husk.


"You can't stop me! Weaklings! I'll run you down and pulverize your bones to dust!"
— Kamrak threatening the Guardians.


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