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House of Shadows
House of Shadows


Kotrik, Bloodcrafter of Kirito
Vesakis, Heiress to the Throne
Nekis, Bloodkeeper of Kotrik
Sykris, Archon of Shadows
Kyuvekis, Technokeeper of Kotrik


Nitrix, Symbol of Kirito
Insurik-5, Scourge Servitor
Nitrix-4, House Shadows
Nitrix-6, Eye of Kirito


Shadowship Nitrix-Fel, Aincrad
Den of the Lost, Ascendant Realm
Shadows' Den, Titania
Kotrik's Keep, Aincrad


Second Collapse
Retaking of Sol

Shadow Splicers
Shadow Splicers


Drevik, Perfected Priest


Depraviks Prime, Shadow Splicers


Splicer's Rally, Plaguelands


Second Collapse
Retaking of Sol


"For centuries, our people have suffered pain and death at the hands of the Traitor Machine and its weaklings. We thought this was the end of us all, but then the Black Swordsman and his angel showed us the way... a true path to rebirth. With this power, we can have the opportunity to create our new future! Our enemies will soon know what it's like to die without honor! Without glory! Without valor! Without Light! And in the end, we will drive our blades straight through their shells and their hearts!"
Kotrik, Bloodcrafter of Kirito.

The House of Shadows, also known as House Shadows in Eliksni, is a new massive Fallen Mega House distinguishable by their black and purple bodysuits with green dragon marks/sigils with white cloaks along with additional coloring and or items, each powerful by length for those in higher ranks. Working under the Shadowkeepers, they assisted The Black Swordsman and The White Angel in destroying The Last City so that they can rebuild their civilization with the Darkness.

Founded by Kotrik, Bloodcrafter of Kirito, a former Archon of the House of Devils who survived the destruction of Riis during the Whirlwind long ago, the House of Shadows is a dark empire comprised of former members of other Houses and syndicates, including Salvation, Dusk, Wolves, Devils, Kell's Scourge, and Castris's Criminal Empire, who have rallied under Kotrik out of desperation, ambition, and revenge due to numerous losses over the years from the Guardians and allies of the Light. Believing that the Traveler was responsible for the Whirlwind that drove most of their people to extinction, they aim not only to destroy the Guardians and claim their revenge against the Traveler, but also to restore their society to greatness.

During the Second Collapse, Kotrik led the newly formed House across the Solar System and acquired the powers of the Darkness, helping The Black Fleet launch an invasion on The Last City, which led to the enshroudment of the Solar System.



Assault on the Empire[edit]

The Second Collapse[edit]

Age of Darkness[edit]

Retaking of Sol[edit]


Shadows Gathering[edit]


Though the House of Shadows is made of up members from a multitude of other Eliksni factions, it is much more organized and disciplined compared to the other Fallen Houses, a testament to Kotrik's plan to continue what Eramis left off. With a number of lieutenants at his disposal, Kotrik was able to maintain a firm grip on his forces, using Splinters of Darkness that are harvested from nearby Cruxs utilizied by Kyuvekis's drone technology and from shards of Mal's Birthright Jewel retrofitted with dark energy from the Black Fleet capable of empowering them with the same dark energies that turned her evil. Further, their command over Fusion and Marrow makes Fallen of this House especially dangerous. In addition, with so many different Fallen joining forces under Kotrik's banner, their various tactics and technologies give them an edge on the battlefield, almost overwhelming their foes.



Prime Servitors[edit]



Allied Associates[edit]


Shadow Elites[edit]

Shadow Lieutenants[edit]

Heavy Shanks[edit]

High Servitors[edit]

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Unique Forces[edit]

Major variants

Minor variants


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  • The House of Shadows symbol bears a resemblance to Mallory Bertha's dragon-shaped marking, which coincidentally also appeared in Descendants: Wicked World.
  • The House has also been observed to use what looks to be amalgamations of the Eliksni suits and armor from both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2.
  • While this House is the second House to worship the Darkness, it is the first and only House to also worship anime characters.
    • It is further explained through lore entries suggesting their strange passion for catgirls.
  • The House of Shadows is currently the only House to deploy Neko Captains and Servitors.

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