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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Xavyskaa, Heiress of the Shadow Collective (currently)
Tyranaks's Legacy
Xavyskaa, Protégé of Tyranaks




House of Wolves (formerly)
House of Salvation (formerly)
Castris's Criminal Empire (formerly)
House of Shadows (currently)


Baroness (inferred)





Combat information


An Empire Strikes Back (cutscene)
The Daredevil (cutscene)
The Marrowheart Heist


Shock Rifle
Molten Welder


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Fusion Smash
Fusion Blasts
Fusion Hailstorm
Fusion Pylons
Marrow Shielding
Marrow Empowerment
Plaguing Aura


"I am the last of my council. The last decree. The last gasp of my allies, my Shadow Collective. Hear me and be consoled, the death rattle of our alliance, our brotherhood, our enterprise has not yet rung. But now is not the time to relax our tense muscles and fall back in relief. No. Now is the time we muster our strength and once again strike back against those who oppose us, for now, we aren't weak. Some among you might have a modicum of doubt? BEHOLD MY POWER!!! AS IT'S INFLUENCE FLOWS THROUGH ME, IT TOO CAN FLOW THROUGH YOU! ONLY IF YOU WILL STAND BY ME AND MAKE OUR ENEMIES PAY FOR DARING TO THINK WE ARE WEAK! WHO'S WITH ME?!"
— Xavyskaa rallying the remnants of the Shadow Collective.

Xavyskaa was a trusted and beloved lieutenant of Tyranaks, who would usurp the mantle of leadership over the criminal elements of the House of Shadows, the Shadow Collective, advancing the works of her former allies, most particularly in the field of Kamrak's Marrow combat stimulant. Now coursing with the plaguing energies of both Fusion and a more shadowy strain of Marrow, she now leads her criminal enterprise down a road of terrifying evolution.


Wolf Splicer[edit]

Salvation and an Overlord[edit]

Criminal Elements[edit]

The Black Swordsman[edit]

"Your will, and the Shadow Sovereign's will, be done, then. I shall see you once again, my beloved teacher."
— Xavyskaa parting ways with her master, Tyranaks

Shadows Gathering[edit]

"I have gazed the abyss and came back unscathed. A true testament to my will and perseverance and the extent to which I'll go to avenge my fallen friends and family. Now that I have the secrets of power unending, it's time I now emerge with my trusted subordinates and show our tormentors the true meaning of pain."
— Xavyskaa


"Unfortunately, the Pirate Empress has sent you here to die. You may only hope to scratch my mortal coil, but I will not be burned. After all, you can't kill what is eternal. So, BEHOLD MY ETERNITY!"
— Xavyskaa addressing the Guardian(s)

List of Appearances[edit]