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Tyranaks, the Overlord
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Tyranaks, the Dominator
The Corruptor
The Foreman (formerly)




Devil Splicers (formerly)
House of Salvation (formerly)
Castris's Criminal Empire (formerly)
Shadowkeepers' House of Shadows (currently)
Tatsuyi's Shadow Collective (currently)


Baron (inferred)


Captain (special)



Combat information




Shock Rifle
Fusion Projectors


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Summon Decoys
Fusion Blasts
Infused Projectiles
Oppressive Grasp
Ward of Oblivion
Conjure Mirages
Fusion Cascade
Tears of Sodom
Summon Fallen


"I may be an agent of some little kid, but one who can control his own fate. And my fate? It's to see my enemies bend their knees to me. After all, is that not the will of the Shadow Sovereign?"
— Tyranaks, the Overlord

Tyranaks, the Overlord is a former member of Castris's Criminal Empire turned defector for the Shadowkeepers. Commander of a ragtag group of criminal traitors, as well as a terrifyingly adept user of Fusion, he currently works for the eldest son of Kirito and Asuna, Tatsuyi. Rife with the thirst for power, he is a sadistic, ambitious and calculating disciple of Kirito's army.


Will of the Splicers[edit]

Salvation's Reach[edit]

Indenture with Castris[edit]

The Black Swordsman[edit]

During the events of the Second Collapse, Tyranaks, as well as fellow associates and leaders of Castris's Criminal Empire would be unexpectedly met by Kirito and his family, who proposed an alliance with the Shadowkeepers. Instead, Castris would refuse the offer, continuing to proclaim neutrality in the system. Tyranaks, as well as his close followers and allies, would become furious at this revelation, finding this proclamation as cowardice. In secret, Tyranaks and his closest followers would form a secret alliance with the Shadowkeepers, supplying them with intelligence and arms. Their actions would eventually catch the attention of Kirito's eldest son, Tatsuyi, who would meet the treasonous council to propose them a deal of their own, a chance to wield a new power, Fusion, and to claim the Criminal Empire for themselves in exchange for servitude to the Shadowkeepers; Tyranaks would immediately accept the deal.

His first order of business would be the creation of tech capable of wielding and weaponizing Fusion, creating wrist-mounted Projectors capable of launching barrages of Fusion bolts and, mysteriously and horrifyingly, manipulating, lifting and controlling objects, as well as modifying his trusty Shock Blade into the obedient Bloodseeker. After preparing his newfound arsenal and perfecting his abilities, he would then begin work on roping the Criminal Empire into war by first framing the deaths of Vanguard operatives and arms shipments on the Criminal Empire, as well as kidnap key Syndicate engineers to develop new weapons for the Shadowkeepers, first starting off with the death of Vanguard associate Ashe-5, eventually following up with the abduction of Wren Kinsing. Along the way, his actions would catch the attention of spymaster Robert E. O. Speedwagon, whom he would meet during Wren's kidnapping, confidently and pridefully declaring him a newfound nemesis. However, after his rival, as well as his former associates, discovered his plot, he would then begin work on new plans, ones of which will lead him down a dark and tempting path, for power, and the pursuit for more.


List of Appearances[edit]