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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Castris, King Baroness (formerly)
Castris, Pirate Queen
The Patient
The Restrained
Codename: Mantis







Political and military information


House of Kings (formerly)
Castris's Criminal Empire


Baroness (formerly)
Kell (self-proclaimed)
Mob Boss

Notable info:

Head of her personal Criminal Empire
Infamous for her terrifying reputation


"Why should I slaughter humanity because the Great Machine chose them rather than us? Why should I make enemies with such powerful creatures who could easily tear me limb from limb and reduce me down to more than a Drekh? That's simply just bad business."
— Castris

Castris is the leader and self-proclaimed Kell of her personal Crime Syndicate. She is widely known for her calculating and patient personality, as well as her terrifying secrecy, influence and methods of achieving what she thinks is profitably beneficial for her criminal empire.


Life on Riis[edit]

"Ours was a thriving utopia not so different from that of your Golden Age. An era of prosperity we all took for granted. A paradise we should have expected to loose so easily."
— Castris reminiscing about her life on Riis

The Whirlwind[edit]

"I once asked Castriskel about the life on Riis before the Whirlwind. She spoke of so many marvels and all the beauties of what was once our homeworld. She also spoke of her own life then to me almost detail by detail. What I never expected in my life was to see her tear up. I will never understand how it feels to lose like she did."
— Unknown Criminal Captain

Life with Kings[edit]

"I would be lying if I said that my life with House Kings didn't teach me countless lessons on my people and what they said should be our enemies. Still, their hubris, ego and ambition was a detriment and a flaw their opponents knew how to exploit when we popped our heads from our holes. The exact reason me and my loyal friends and followers abandoned them when we had the chance."
— Castris


"By the time Vekis and Paskin met their end at the hands of my favorite unconventional associate, me and my closest friends figured it was time to bail. And by the Great Machine's pristine design was it a good time to ditch those fools while they were on a downward spiral. Hehe."
— Castris on her exodus from the House of Kings

No One to Fear but Her[edit]

"As much as I'll miss the good old days of being out in the fields as a nobody and collecting what would be mine with time and patience, nothing will ever be better than my own people, my competitors, even those who don't even know of my existence, fearing me with their lives. Though it can sometimes get in the way of business, I do love to see the quivering look on their faces, the sweat of fear trickling down from them. It's just so... adorable."
— Castris on her notoriety

Personality and Traits[edit]