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"What have you heard of my first home? We say there were buildings that touched a forest green sky. Winding pathways through gardens of smoke. Beautiful storms that left a gold shimmer on our streets. Truth, or rumors? Variks will not say. I give my homeworld to the legends."
Variks, the Loyal.[1]

Riis, also known as Home-Riis, was the homeworld of the Eliksni, and once visited by the Traveler.[2][3]


Riis was described as a finely crafted paradise orbiting multiple suns [4], it was possibly terraformed after the coming of the Traveler whom the Eliksni revered as "The Great Machine"[3]. Ether is said to have run freely.[5] "Carefully tended lakes and rivers" are mentioned along with "fields of lush iridescent crops" and "groves of starkly coloured trees".[3] The sky was a light pink, likely due to ether enrichment, and at times appeared green as well. Well-regulated air traffic was common.[3]


The Eliksni made during their Golden Age twice the advancement in space exploration than Humanity. Their ubiquitous cloaking technology was originally designed as toys for children. During this time, they came to control multiple star systems until an event known as the Edge Wars brought infighting among the Houses, and later ended by the House of Kings and House of Judgement to usher a new Golden Age.

Their homeworld and civilization would be destroyed by an unforeseen event known as the Whirlwind when the Darkness invaded. At some point Oryx also struck the Eliksni civilization and slew Chelchis, Kell of Stone who made a final stand.[6]

In the aftermath, the surviving Eliksni became embroiled in a bloody civil war over their civilization's ruins, before achieving a tenuous peace and abandoning what remained of Riis to embark on a century long journey into space to locate the Traveler in hopes of returning to their former glory.

Following the arrival of the Pyramids to the Solar System, Eramis, Kell of Darkness led the Eliksni House of Salvation in constructing a colony on Europa known as Riis-Reborn, in the memory of their homeworld.

Known Riis-Born Eliksni[edit]


  • Riis is briefly mentioned in Destiny 2 during a Ghost Scan of a Fallen receiver on Titan. Ghost stated that the receiver was pointed to their homeworld, but had yet to pick up any messages.
  • Riis is a surname commonly found in Denmark. The Scandinavian family name originates from the word 'Ris' which means "twigs" or "scrub". Whilst in some regions of the US, the family name means "tough, rough".
  • The habitational name originated from the Old Norse word of 'hrís', meaning "brushwood". The name denotes their ancestral ties to farmsteads that were commonly called 'Ris'. This plays into the description that the Eliksni were once a race of gardeners.[7]
  • Riis also shares the surname as Jacob Riis, a prominent 19th century social reformer who used his photographic images as instruments for social change. In 1890, Riis published his book titled "How the Other Half Lives" to showcase the horrid living conditions of poor New York citizens within the slums.


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