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Riis-Reborn is an Eliksni settlement built by the House of Salvation upon the ruins of the Golden Age colony of Eventide. Inspired by their homeworld of Riis, the city was constructed to be a home for the Eliksni within the Solar System.

It is located on the Rathmore Chaos region of Europa and was constructed prior the arrival of the obsidian ship. Many of the Eliksni inhabitants were slaughtered by the Vex after Eramis, Kell of Darkness, opened the old Vex gateway in order to harness the Vex Radiolaria. The location of the Vex gate is revealed in The Glassway strike.


Riis-Reborn was first dreamt up by Eramis, Kell of Darkness and Praksis, the Technocrat who often spoke together from their neighbouring cells within the Prison of Elders and dreamt of a new world.[1][2]

Following their escape, Eramis returned to the House of Devils and attempted to rebuild her old House to their glory days. However, she became extremely frustrated in her effort after failing the heist of Zero Hour and being bested by Mithrax, the Forsaken. While conversing with Atraks, the Wildcard, Eramis was struck with a moment of clarity that hit her like a rain shower from Riis. She took inspiration from the words of the young Devil-born and set out to build something new.[3]

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