Kell's Rising

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Kell's Rising


Rathmore Chaos, Europa

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Riis-Reborn Approach

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Kell's Rising is a location accessible through Riis-Reborn Approach.


Kell's Rising is a prominent Fallen city within Riis-Reborn. It was built on the remains of the Golden Age colony of Eventide first constructed by the Clovis Bray corporation. Located in the Rathmore Chaos regions of Europa, the House of Salvation occupied the city and the area was most prominently featured in the The Aftermath story mission.

Following the events of Glassway, the Vex invaded the city and clashed with the Fallen. Commander Zavala sent the Guardians to investigate the Vex presence and to destabilise the Fallen following the defeat of their Kell, Eramis.

However, the Fallen held their ground better than expected and a new leader was suspected to have taken command of the House. The Guardians confronted Kridis, Dark Priestess deep with Kell's Rising, but the Priestess fled and claimed that Eramis had merely transformed.

They battled through the Fallen forces and a Salvation Walker and later notified Zavala of the rise of Kridis. Variks also noted that some Fallen began to flee the city possibly due to Kridis.

Later, the Guardians returned to the city in an attempt to steal a Stasis prototype weapon developed by House Salvation.


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